11 May 2007

Vet trip

The visit to the vet today is a mixed bag. We have 3 TvT cases ( should have been 4 but more on that later), a village dog with a problem on his scrotum, puppy Jammie ( was called Lek) needs a blood check update and Becky is along for a look at her left ear which is constantly dirty.
Also making the trip today was Noy, the Rottweiler cross(with a Jack Russell we think) who after biting so many dogs at the shelter and bullying everyone, we have decided to reduce the risk of further serious punctures by having his canine teeth cut down in size.

Phuky, the village dog who in last months diary entries was being neglected by her family, today gets her 2nd chemotherapy injection and from the photo it is obvious her treatment is working. Whats more, her weight is increasing which is a very healthy sign. Maybe its the removal of all those ticks and having regular meals.

Lucy, a casualty of Noy, gets her awful wound in her armpit dressed. Back at the shelter, she would previously hide in a corner, scared of her own shadow, now after her attack from Noy, she is in the same corner but shakes with fear as well. Anyway, the good news is that her wound is healthy and her weight is stable so today she also gets her 3rd TvT jab.

Panda, a black & white collie picked up by Karin last week, makes his first trip today. He has TvT in a big way. Big, because his willy is so big that his foreskin will not pass back over the growth underneath and blood drips constantly from within. Poor guy is a bit angry with us too, probably from the pain, so hopefully after some treatment he will relax a bit. He also has a bit of a cough and we are recommended to give him cefelexin.

Moom was meant to come along today for his second TvT jab but was nowhere to be seen at his home. The family where not their either, just Daeng (the originator of the TvT) looking at us from afar. We will need to arrange for him to stay at the shelter for a few weeks while he has his weekly treatments.

Bob, a hairy large bodied dog had a castration job done some time ago by the local government folks,who's work we often come across, offeringcheap treatments but sadly fail to follow through with meds, follow ups and aftercare. Today, Bobs scrotum was very sore and he has been nibbling at a slight infection there. The vet thought it could have been from a remnant stitch or poor hygiene.

Lastly there were the 2 pups. Becky it seems has a fungal infection in her left ear and needs Dexyrol and the blood test of Jammie was without incident, albeit difficult to find a blood vessel underneath all that fluff!

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