28 May 2007

Shelter Update

Care for Dogs has a temporary shelter for dogs, where we provide after care for post op sterilisations, regular treatments for cases of mange and allow otherwise weak or unhealthy dogs to recover their strength, before returning to where they came from or finding new homes through adoption.

Also at the shelter are many dogs that have either been rescued due to threat of their lives through poisoning or meat market, some dogs because they were born there from rescued pregnant mothers and some because they were literally dumped and totally helpless on the streets or at temples.
There is a small house in which the caretaker lives and there is a veranda on the front of this, where typically most of the dogs like to hang out, as the house is the source of food!

The area is divided by wire fencing into several smaller enclosures and these provide facilities for segregating dogs, for instance, recuperation or those needing special care.

Previously, we had some straw salas terected to give the dogs a place to shade from the sun or stay out of the rain or sleep on off the ground. These are great for some of the dogs but most of them like the veranda.
When it rains, the ground gets a little muddy and we combat this with spreading stones on the surface and renew this layer regularly. Ideally in the future we would like to concrete over some areas to provide a better, cleaner surface for the dogs to walk on, to & from the grassed areas.

However, just this past week, we have a new addition to the structure of the shelter. A bigger veranda! The new roof extension to the front of the house now provides somewhere to sit & sleep in the shade & out of the rain and not too far away from the magical door which hides all that wonderful food.


sven said...

wow, the new roof looks great... what an extension. i bet the dogs will love it.

Ally said...

Yep, they now have a great place to sit & wait for their food to appear out from the house!!