15 May 2007

Prem School Visit

Thankfully the weather held good for an arranged visit by students from Prem Tinsulanonda International School. They came with a donation which was gratefully received and they seemed to enjoy the activities we tried to encourage them to participate in.

Walking dogs turned out to be the first choice of the students and showering as many dogs as they could with guidance from Tameer was next favourite. Karin demonstrated giving vaccinations and some students helped & took a chance to give jabs too. I think I scared a few students by graphically explaining the nature of TvT, highlighting the dangers of unprotected intercourse. We also managed to get some to scoop poop!

Some of the students expressed their affections for the dogs more than others. One beautiful young guy, David, talked to us at length about his family's life with dogs and showed he is a real dog lover.

Once again we are thankful of the foresight that schools have to involve children as early as possible in community issues and enlighten young minds of the perils that homeless and owner dogs face in Chiang Mai.

Students took many photo's of their visit which we hope they might share with us but here are just a few we captured of their stay.

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