20 February 2007

Daeng takes the bait

Today Karin & I visted Nakorn Payap International School, here in Chiang Mai, after one of the club / groups 'Roots & Shoots' invited us to go and talk to them about Care for Dogs.

We gave them a presentation, and I felt just like being back in the UK delivering power point presentations to management boards. Anyway we got our messages across, they are very keen to progress their interest in a project to help us in some way and Karin & I came away feeling happy that we had made new contacts.

On the way home, we called into the Royal Flora area to see if we could catch Daeng. Karin had brought sedaline with her and a tin of pilchards.

Indeed, Daeng took the bait and after 2 minutes was drowsy and didn't put up a struggle.

Poor thing, from the pic you can see the development of the TvT tumor growing from her vulva and start to appreciate the agony she must be suffering. This would undoubtably kill her, if left untreated. Additionally, other dogs around her, either through sniffing, licking or intercourse, stand a high risk of contracting the disease too. Have they already got it?

She is now at the shelter and we will make sure she gets her 6 - 8 weekly chemotherapy injections to help her recover.
I am very relieved that she might now have a future.


john said...

3 cheers for pla kapong:)

Ally said...

Yes that stuff works wonders, covers all the nasty smells of Ivomec and gets the dogs mouths watering