12 February 2007


Visited Nienke with Karin to collect Jacky and talk about the work she is doing in respect of Animal Behaviour.

Jacky seemed a little better behaved than when I last saw him and now it is time for him to find a good home with poeple who will give him attention that he needs. A lovely, full of energy young dog that would ideally suit open spaces and understanding family.

Met up with Sven in the city. (Sven & Sandra have adopted 2 adult dogs from us, Ling & Choban, who was rescued from the meat market, and who are sponsoring Mira.) Sven took us around the streets near his home, met many unwell dogs and owners of dogs that were their pride but were quite sick too.
Eventually we saw Wallace and managed to put him in the transport cage for a trip to the shelter.
Looked like he had been suffering from mange for quite some time and this treatment would probably take equally long to repair the damage to his skin.

What a great ending to a day.

Finally took Sunshine (New name Jasper) to his new home with Teresa & Nok.

The fostered pups are also pleased to see him.

This dogs now found peace at last.

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Sven said...

Hi Ally,

great idea to share your experiences on this way.

I know it's a lot of work to update a blog on a regular base. Keep up the good job!

Sven :-)