27 February 2007

Tuesday with JJ & NuDee

After yesterdays fiasco of losing JJ, today I returned to his haunt to find him and keep my eye on him till he stopped running off. First of all I discovered his hiding place, his bed and then managed to get him to eat a little mixture of sardine & sedaline. Mary was able to join me and we followed him about, through bushes, under floors of buildings and then full circle back near to his bed where I was able to cover him with a blanket & carry him off to the car.

At the vets, I could see there was a strand of what looked to be a stitch from a couple of inflamed spots next to his willy. You can see on the pic, there are several lumps & bumps there. The vet said he would operate immediately as there was puss coming from each end of the strand and it seemed there was something wrong under the skin.

Sure enough, as you can see from the second pic, its an 18inch length of surgical gauze that had been left inside him, possibly to act as a drain to an abscess or something. But..... months ago.
Anyway its out now, the scar of the op will heal up and he will be fine. He is now back at the shelter for a week of R&R and after he gets his stitches out, he can go back to his home, hopefully a bit fatter & healthier.

I also visited Rama IX park to see NuDee. He looks great and was pleased to see me. He was full of smiles and his willy is looking normal, his head on the level and therefore no ear infection and best of all, his coat is thick and fluffy. Wish Nola was here to see him now, he would love to see her I am sure, armed with a big bowl of yummy food & vitamins!!

Later, back at the shelter I checked out Bill, Wallace & Mutt. Bill as usual looked very happy and Wallace looked so lively & almost handsome with his brown hair! Mutt appears to have a severe nervous problem going on. When he moves about, his legs seem to dance and he looks like a bucking bronco at a rodeo, all because he is excited to greet someone.

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