26 February 2007

Lesson 1 !

I woke up today thinking that I must get down to Wiang Kum Kam and give BuunLai a nice shower but more of that later.

Received a call just after breakfast from Karin about a kind man who had seen an emaciated dog near The Gallery & Good View Restaurant on Charoen Rat Road next to the river. I made my way there and saw the poor creature tucking into a plate of food put there by Mary, the wife of the original caller and an extremely kind hearted woman. We stood and chatted while the hungry dog ate and tried now & again to get a little closer. I noticed he had off white puss dripping down his willy from its base but not blood and certainly not from the open end. This guy looks as though he has some infection there.

After a while I could see this was not going to be easy, with all the traffic buzzing past 2 metres away and I could see the dog was street wise enough to not trust a stranger bearing gifts. So I trotted over to 7-11 and bought a tasty sandwich and tried a dose of Sedaline ( sedative) with him. He ate some of it and settled down for a while looking at the rest. Mary & I were a little hot and dry from standing in the street & shouting above the traffic noise so when she invited me to her home, literally across the road, for a cool drink to wait for the sedative to work, how could I refuse. Duh Duuur! Lesson 1 - Never try to sedate & dog and then leave it out of your sight!

I called to Karin and she burst out laughing and when I called Rochan at Lanna Dog Rescue, just in case they had picked up this dog as they had also been asked to attend, I could hear a laugh in her voice too. They both said that dogs like to go off walking when they feel the sedative working and try to find a safe place to rest. Silly me......I totally agree.

Anyway, never mind, he will be back and Mary will give me a call when she see's him again. The refreshing cold drink at Mary's home however, gave me the opportunity to meet CeCe & Sun. They are both rescued from the streets and they have settled in to Mary's home nicely. It also gave us a chance to chose a name for him, JJ.

On the way back home, I stopped off at Wiang Kum Kam. Firstly to catch up with Lucky (Eyes), the dog with Glaucoma and found that his condition was just the same. I took a few pics and will send them to the vet for his further advice. Next door I stumbled upon a female with enlarged teats.

I asked the neighbour about the dog and she showed me a litter of 9 puppy's scattered on a rough piece of ground beside her home. She was happy and carried on cleaning & packing strawberries.

Then I went to see BuunLai. Kh Chom held him, while I shampooed and showered him with the medicated that Jo had kindly donated & left with Kh Chom last week. Well, as you can imagine, I got a free shower too and Kh Chom went to great lengths to hang on to BuunLai who at first wanted nothing to do with it all. After a while he realised we were making him smell & look a lot nicer and he gave in. After all, his girlfriend was watching !!

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