14 February 2007

Wiang Kum Kam

Visited BuunLai today with Jo. We were a little taken aback by his pink coloured hair( that hair he has got) and Kh Chom said someone came yesterday and covered him in an antiseptic lotion.

Gave BuunLai some chews and made a fuss of him, then went to see Kh Chom's sister nearby.

Her dog Kaew she said was 15 and his ear was bleeding this week. She also said his willy was bleeding too. I looked at the cauliflower TvT willy and it ran blood down my hand. The ear was a mass of rotting flesh. I asked her if she had treated the dog for any of this and she said he was eating ok until last week when he started to bleed. I watched him stagger around on floppy legs and offered to take him to a vet and relieve him of his misery humanely but she said she would rather carry on feeding him. This poor creature deserves a better quality of life after 15 years hard labour.

We returned to BuunLai and found him playing with a scared brown female with a droopy tummy and puss ouzing from her Vulva.

I knew immediately it was Pyometra. The vet visit said the same but at least it was 'Open Pyometra' which meant that there is at least escape of the fluid. BuunKeow is being operated on today and I will take her back to the shelter tomorrow for R&R.

Kh Chom had said to me that the females in the area had all been given 'the anti pregnancy injection' Thats scares me, we will have to hurry up and do more sterilisations in Wiang Kum Kam.

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