7 February 2007

School Visit to Shelter

Today, pupils from the Prem Tinsulanonda International School came to the shelter and participated in washing, grooming, walking, medicating and weighing of dogs at the shelter.

Some of the pupils came up with good ideas for fundraising in a brainstorming session and afterwards the group followed this up by making a finacial donation to the organisation, giving the shelter a large bag of food and paying for the drinks they were given.

This was an eye opener for Karin & I, as to how to address the needs of so many people(2 groups of 20+) and optimise their learning and understanding, whilst at the same time, maintaining a comfortable level of chaos with so many dogs wanting attention.

It was clear from the conversations, that many had empathy with the struggle for dogs on the streets and the experience for the entire group was thoroughly worthwhile.

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