22 February 2007

Now I know even more why I do what I do

This morning Karin & I teamed up and visted the Small Animal Hospital in Chiang Mai to discuss with the Orthopedics specialist about a couple of cases we want him to see.

After that we visted Teresa, another volunteer, who offers foster care for puppies and also saw Sunshine (now Jasper). He is doing well now and is not limping at all. He is putting on weight slowly and is enjoying all the love & attention that he gets from Teresa & Nok, as well as the company of the pups.

I think they are going to have great difficulty letting go of those puppy's as they have grown so attached to them.

In the afternoon, wee returned to the shelter to collect Daeng & BuunKeow for their TvT injections, Luca, a cute little white puppy (pic) who is breathing badly and whilst there, we picked up Molly, as she was bleeding from her vulva. She is now 6 months old, so chances are it is her first Heat.

Sure enough, time to sterilise. We are so close to Molly, adopted by Kh Yom & Paen at the shelter, that we forgot to add her to the sterilisation program!

Then we went to a house in the village to see a dog with an ear infection and another that needed sterilisation stiches removed. Karin took the stitches out while I cuddled Luca and then we took the dog with the ear problem, Mee, to the same vet with us.

Daeng was ok after catching her, she didn't bite but she is extremely scared of people. The others were ok to handle except for Mee.

We needed to muzzle him as he was really upset from his ears hurting real bad. They had maggots in them and one side was ouzing blood. As you can imagine, he walks with his head at an angle and is in constant pain.

Took everybody home and when we returned Mee to his owner, she said that another dog Daeng Gwaa, who was very friendly with her from a neighbours house, was in danger of being killed. She explained that the neighbours father was threatening to take a gun to the dog if Daeng Gwaa kept chewing shoes and playing near his home. She said that he was also the man who people thought poisened many dogs in the area last year and had been to the dog meat restaurant, not far from the house, to ask if they were interested in another dog.

As we sat talking to her and offering to take that dog with us back to the shelter, the man passed by on his bike. He is a farmer, dressed in blue overalls, straw hat and flueresent green wellingtons. He looked about 60 + years of age. We looked at him and had many thoughts. The girl eventually decided after much persuasion from us to let us take the poor dog away. She has several dogs of her own and I fear for them.

What sort of world do we live in?

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