23 February 2007

Weekly feed atWat Doi Kam

Up early today to mix the food for the Doi Kam Pack. The recipe I prefer is 1kg of mince pork, simmered in water with plenty of garlic, a little chilli & tumeric for smell, look & flavour, approx half a kg of mixed veg and then when cooked through, add 2 kg of cooked rice (slightly dry, not sticky or wet) and then approx 2 kg of dry dog food, all mixed in a big bucket.

Today I managed to feed Oscar,Butch, Dam, Sonja, Taylor,Gina, Pat, & Blackie but Lady didn't eat despite showing herself from the forest. After the others had finished, the female who last time I thought was pregnant, turned up, looking very thin with swollen teats. She has had the babies! They must be in the forest being hidden away by the mother. If they do not get to the shelter soon, they will grow up wild and scared of people and just add to the numbers. If they get to the shelter soon, maybe there will be a chance of socialisation and then adoption.

John joined me for the feed this morning and it was good to sit & chat and drink coffee. It was also good for me to spot a few birds and listen to them singing. (Blue throated Barbet, Eurasian Jay, Asian barred Owlet, White throated Laughingthrush, , White collard starling, Hill blue flycatcher, to name a few)

Delivered a new bag of dry food to the monks for feeding during the week.

Met up with Karin and visited a new Dog Behaviourist who is starting up business in Mae Rim. They have agreed to take a dog,Sammy, from the shelter and train him for 2 months free of charge, in the hope that this might increase his chances of adoption. Very impressed with the facilities we saw and the competance of the trainer.

Had lunch with Ann & Tameer, 2 other volunteers and discussed some of the cases we have at the shelter and how they might be able to improve their health using healing energy.

In the afternoon Karin & I visited a sick American man who was confined to his bed. His wife who passed away not long ago, had kept 5 dogs at the house and he now wanted to find altternative homes for them, especially as he was returning to the states in April this year.

All 5 are mature adults, one of them has 3 legs, another is a bit angry at life in general and stands back from the others. Another male loose in the garden was just a lovely natured street dog. There were also 2 females, one loose in the garden and the other, constantly tethered by a chain at the back of the house as apparently the 2 females would otherwise fight. This chained dog was a sorry sight and it was obvious that she was extremely scared and abused.

The man said he wanted to get rid of the 4 loose dogs as soon as possible but the chained one, he would like his housekeeper to take to her home.

Personally I wanted to take the chained one away there & then but then what about finding the poor thing another home. Maybe the housekeeper might free the dog at her home? As for the other 4, maybe someone will answer our advertisements and we can put them in touch with these for adoption? ( I can but hope!)

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Anonymous said...

hi, i'd like to add a personal plea to anyone local to Chiang Mai to strongly consider giving a home to Kam, should she gat fit and well again.
found dumped at Doi Kam with her friend Ben, she lost Ben within a week,(we believe he met an untimely end), was ostrisized by the other dogs, and really should be back in a home environment rather than ending up back at the temple where she is likely to have a hard time yet again.