1 February 2007

Sunshine gets his op

Today I took Sunshine along to the clinic for removal of the pin from his leg. Whilst he is under anaesthetic, he will be sterilised too.

Also took along Donna for sterilisation. She is cute quiet fat thing!! Only young but already very chubby.

Mutt is back for a check on his Hepatitis, his gums are still very yellow and is still needing to be quarantined away from contact with other dogs as the parasites in his blood could pass to others through fleas or ticks. Vet commended to continue with the same meds and see again next week.
Jack came along for his final, final, final check on the status of his TvT before he is started on the pre-Hearthworm treatment of Aspirin. After a week he will then receive his Heartworm treatment which will consist of 2 injections within 24 hours of each other. Vet did liver & kidney function checks of blood and said the readings were within normal range. He is 21.7Kg and his kidney reading is .79 & liver 43.8. He said there was need to x-ray as the readings were good and the sound of the heart was indicating stage 1 or 2 of the Heartworm disease..

Misha came for much the same as Jack. Final check before starting Heartworm treatment and a check as to why she is bleeding from her Vulva still after 1 month of heat already. Found that the bleeding today had stopped and the smear taken was completely devoid of any blood !! I was happy for her to have finally stopped her heat. Her Kidney & Liver blood tests showed .65 & 36.4 respectively and after an Xray she was confirmed to be at stage 3. Her heart appears to be weak and she will need to have 3 injections for the complete removal of the Heartworms.

And finally today, 2 of the remaining pups of Leonie, Leo & Larry. Both have round worms in their diarrhea and should be de-wormed asap. Both were shoing nasal discharge and very weak.

Picked up Sunshine in the evening and the vet was alarmed that he could not remove the pin as planned. Instead he just cut off the protruding length from the top. It seemed that calcification was so advanced that the pin had joined with the bone and was immovable.

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