17 April 2007

12 Puppys dumped in a sack at a temple in Chiang Mai

Today I visited a respected legal adviser in Chiang Mai who tries hard to persuade fellow Thai folks to reduce the mistreatment of animals and is making his voice heard in every way he can.

Tomorrow he will be on Chiang Mai radio broadcasting on 100.0 FM at some time between 10 & 11 am. He will be raising awareness of the ongoing dog meat trade issues and also highlighting the need for Thai people to care for dogs that are homeless on the streets in their own areas rather than ignoring, moving them or killing them as a resolve.

Kh Sanya showed me 7 puppy's he had been given earlier in the day, after they were dumped in a sack at a local temple. Originally there were 12. Sadly 4 died and 1 had already found a home. They appear to be about 6 weeks old and they are all quite weak, having left their mother too young and suffering from the dramatic changes in their environment.

Here are a few of the pictures I took. If you are reading this withing Thailand & can offer a puppy a home, please get in touch with me or Care for Dogs to arrange a visit.

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