9 April 2007

Adopting a dog can be expensive

Today I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sven & Sandra who had previously adopted Choban & Lingling from the shelter and now were interested in taking on another family member.

I introduced them to Sherry, the Bull Terrier abandoned yesterday and we stayed with her a little while in her separate enclosure (as we are never sure wheat a new doggy might bring with them!) and Sherry played ball and sniffed us out. Her skin looks very inflammed and one eye is partially closed. I will take her to the vet along with 6 others tomorrow and then we can maybe get an indication of her condition.

Big was following us around as is his want and Jimmy even jumped on a table to show he is agile after his long rest in the shade today (all day).

Sven & Sandra have been to the shelter many times and are so relaxed with the residents. As is Sven's habit, he empties his pockets onto a table so that things like sunglasses, phone & wallet are not so cumbersome in his pockets when moving round the shelter. ( Well that's what I thought he did it for...anyway).

They had come to see Dainne and said they would like to adopt her. We socialised with her and Sandra was certain she would get on ok with LingLing & Choban back home.

As we were talking, I noticed a shining coin on the floor and then some more and I picked up the money. Suddenly Sven started the Airport Security pat down routine on himself and then looked at the table. "My wallet"!!!

We searched all over the place for it and finally found Jack ripping the last shreds of the leather apart. "the money.........my Driving Licence!!! and ....... oh no the new ATM Card I just got after a long wait!!!"

Poor Sven was laughing and we made light of the fun the dogs must have had with all that smelly stuff but to see the state of all his wallet contents made me realise we should have safety deposit boxes for visitors at the entrance.

But at the end of the day, Sven & Sandra decided to adopt Dianne and they will give her the new name of Anna

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Tealeaf said...

Congratulations, Anne, Sven & Sandra !!

(we do like a happy ending)