2 April 2007

Caring for Dogs

This last week I have come to know a very kind lady from England.

Currently she is on a tour of Asia and has taken time to stop off in Chiang Mai and while here, give herself to caring for dogs.

Each day Gill makes her way by Tuk Tuk or Song Thaew (Taxi) from the city to the shelter and spends approximately 6 - 8 hours just sitting, stroking, holding, bathing, grooming and playing with the residents at the shelter. She will read a book, listen to the birds and watch the playful teenagers run around joining the majority by just sitting in the shade while the sun burns the ground dry.

What am I saying here ??

This woman is precious. She is the very stuff we desperately need. Gill calms the shelter and brings an air of contentment to the dogs that soak up her love and attention.

If anyone is reading this and can spare a little time to come to the shelter and do what Gill is doing, please let us know. This kind of HELP is invaluable.

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Karin said...

I can sign every word Ally has said. Gill is just wonderful - our dogs will truly miss her once she'll leave Chiang Mai.