10 April 2007

Chiang Mai folks dump 30,000 pup - Why?

Sherry is not Sheila or Sarah!! I think I had too many Amontilado's!

Today I took 6 doggy's to the vet for check ups on various bits & pieces and took Sherry the Bull Terrier along with me. I also returned DamKaow to Airport Plaza car park where she came from a few weeks ago with crushed feet & in need of sterilisation. She is fit & well now and when she returned the other residents of the car park welcomed her.

Dr Piyapong did a skin scrape of Bailey's neck & Sherry's head ( too many drinks here !) and both proved positive for Dermodex Mange. He recommended daily Ivomectin orally for both.

The vet said that in his opinion, Sherry was only about a year old and there was nothing physically wrong with her, except for the Mange. He suggested the condition was possibly about 6 months old and asked why on earth anyone would just dump a puppy worth 30,000 baht (450 GB pound). Poor thing. I gave her a few chews back at the shelter and she loved them.

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Kerrio said...

People are crazy. Two of our "discard dogs" are your full on expensive pedigree types, would have cost anywhere from £300 to £1000 as pups. The other 3 are from the "bargain basement".

We love them all!