27 April 2007

Thursday vet trip

In recent weeks we have had many TvT cases which required weekly injections and Thursday has usually been the day for this. However, after the wonderful success rate of the treatment, we are now down to 1 case although we are still trying to start Phuky the village dog whose family are not helping us get her to the vet. Yet again today, after Karin had reminded them to keep her at home for us to collect, she was nowhere to be seen.

However, Lucy is responding well to the treatment, today receiving her 2nd injection. Her weight has increased from all the pain staking trials of getting her to eat something at the shelter.

ET came along today to have a check on her eye. She has been suffering with a corneal ulcer and we have been treating it with Polyop. Today, the vet said to stop this and start Decoph instead. The ulcer is now almost invisible but when a light is shone in her eye, you can see the scar on the surface.

Yesterday, some of the dogs were having a walk from the shelter when a village family brought our attention to their cat that was bleeding from her vulva. Today when we went to the house, there was a clear membrane hanging out of her. She was pregnant and it appeared that she was in the throws of giving birth. Her owners said she was 10 years old and never been pregnant before. The vet said she had a kittens head stuck and he would operate to remove the babies & also give her a hysterectomy. (3 were born healthy and screaming for milk)

On the way to collect the cat, we visited another village family to vaccinate their 2 young shaggy looking pups.

Finally there was a little puppy along for a scrape to ascertain the skin problem she is developing. Sadly, the test diagnosed dermodectic mange, a condition passed on by the mother. This will require swift action to stop it taking over their complete body. Ivomec is very good at halting the condition and she will be much better in no time. (No that is not an Asian ritual patch in the middle of her forehead, Betadine, after the scrape!)

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