19 April 2007

Thursday vet run

Thursdays have been TvT days for a while. Last week, so many completed their chemotherapy treatment that this week I only had 2 females along. Once again, I should have brought Phuky to start her treatment but just like the previous weeks, her family / owners did not hang on to her at breakfast and she was not available for the vet trip!

Today Lai came along for her check up and the vet said that no more injections were necessary and she was showing a complete recovery from the tumour. When I returned Lai to her owner family in the village near the shelter they insisted on paying for all the treatment Lai had received and expressed delight at her return.

Lucy came too, she weighed in at a massive 7.25 kilos, the same as last week, so that is great news. Today she had her first injection to deal with her tumour which has now started to bleed more. Back at the shelter, we are having to keep her separate from the other dogs ( males really) as they sniff her vulva and want to lick it, attracted by the moist condition and apparently interesting odour. (Female readers recognise some parallels here ?)

Indeed back at the shelter, Lucy is perking up, she is now howling and making all sorts of whining noises, sometimes we think its a child crying but its actually her moaning & grumbling at being shut in a separate enclosure.

Also visiting the vet today was Paul, the poor guy hit by a motorist 2 weeks ago and apparently paralysed from the middle of his spine backwards. At the shelter he has dragged himself around a bit, mainly keeping out of the way of boisterous Sherry (the dumped Bull Terrier). He does poo and wee but we're not sure if he does this on command or whether it just happens. Anyway, he did a bit more on the journey & when the vet inspected him, so we know things are moving inside ok!!

The vet tested his reflexes and said his legs although not being moved by him, still had nerve response and his tail was actually wagged by him on occasions. So, there is some hope for him and we will continue with his Neurobian (VitB+) and also Vit C&E to increase nerve repair. Later on, I spoke with Gill at the shelter about Paul & she said she would increase the massages she gives him, to try & increase the blood flow to the legs and try to stop the atrophy of the leg muscles. He is just wasting away at the back end.

Back at the shelter, the residents were feeling the heat of the mid-day sun. Noy making the best shade his territory, Big trying out a new smile and a new puppy Bonnie, found dumped at a temple this week, finding relief in the drinking trough! Bonnie is definately from a family environment. She is so affectionate and loves people. How could a people just dump her?!

After having a bite to eat, I made my way north of the city to Mae Rim to meet a lady who was selling a dog cage she no longer used.

She lives in a delightful spot, on top of a small hill, looking out over water and a surrounding of mountains & natural greenery with her very affectionate Rotti.

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