17 April 2007

Chiang Mai dogs need generous people

Care for Dogs is totally dependant upon donations in order to assist the dogs on the streets, at temples and other dumping grounds as well as at the shelter. No volunteer gets paid, there is no wasting of resources and every baht that is donated is properly recorded & accounted against everything that is spent.

Every month we look at the amount that been donated verses what we spent and wonder how many more months we can afford to continue. We already spend considerable amounts of our own money every month in fuel, various supplies such as shampoo, temple food and many other items that dogs need. So we adjust our plans for the future based upon what we have in the bank and when money is short, the work has to slow down.

From our experience, there are people in this world who hope that someone else is going to deal with 'the problem', if they just turn & look the other way, the dog won't notice and 'Hey, who's dog is it anyway?'

But some folks we meet have a completely different attitude.

Recently I received a phone call from some very generous people that said they would like to donate some money to Care for Dogs and could I take cash? "Cash ?...." I take donations in grains of rice or grams of meat if its for the dogs of Chiang Mai & the shelter "Give me your address" I said, "I'll be right there!"

These kind folks, who shall remain nameless for now, have previously donated money to us as well as many useful and valuable items for the dogs. They have paid for treatments of dogs they have seen us with at the veterinary clinic, right there on the spot and delivered bags of food as well as clothing & collars. They show their love for the dogs they come into contact with through their kindness & generosity.

When I visited them, I met their babies. Here are just a couple of the photo's I took and you can see they all look fit & well and obviously well fed too.

I know these kind souls read this diary and I hope they are comfortable with me writing about them.

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