14 April 2007

Wiang Kum Kam

Today I returned Urrr Lurrr back home after her sterilisation 2 weeks ago and a successful treatment of conjunctivitis. As soon as I set the transport cage on the ground, she was off like a rocket into the familiar surroundings of the vendor area at the front of Wiang Kum Kam. I hardly had time to whip the camera out & just managed to catch a departing shot. Despite only having 3 legs operating, she can certainly run at a pace. Maybe it was the excitement of being home?

Next I caught up with Kh Chom (village hairdresser & animal lover) who was taking some time out over the holiday period to walk amongst the ruins of temples & chedi, along with BuunLai, NongLai, BuunKeow and his 2 favourite goats, Makham & Daeng. We lifted the transport cage from the rear of the truck and let BuunKaow (the white dog with black lips) rejoin her friends and they all ran to greet her & there was lots of muzzle licking & sniffing and some playful chases. This girl had at last found her freedom and also free of the TvT we discovered when we took her along for a routine sterilisation.

This dog was a nightmare to catch, not even Kh Chom was ever able to touch her, so we had to trick her & feed her a sedative. She just hated the transportation, and hated the accommodation at the shelter. She is physically healed now but I still feel she is scared permanently by the capture, restraint & confinement, that the process of sterilisation requires of a dog of this nature. She is also camera shy and once the greeting was over, ran off to find a shady spot out of the way.

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