21 April 2007

Kittens need homes from Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

I received this email today from a lady who is staying at the Temple on top of Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai. This highlights a few interesting issues. Firstly that even on top of such a high mountain, dogs are dumped at temples and need to make a life for themselves by finding shelter & food. Secondly, cats are seeking refuge here too. I am sorry to say but its an all too familiar story to the Care for Dogs team.
Dear Ally!

We need urgent help. We have three beautiful kittens (6 weeks old) in the temple (Doi Suthep). Their mother and two of their brothers were killed by dogs (who are everywhere around the temple.) The meditators are taking care of them at the moment, but we have to leave soon.They must leave the building, where they are living, so they wont have any chance to survive.

They are lovely , friendly, we love them very much.

The golden brounish is the strongest one. He has a real character, a great personality. He is very funny, loves people very much. He is very gently to the others.

The sleeping one (in the photo) is the most unlucky and lucky cat as well. He was in the dogs mouth, he falled down from the balcony, but now, he is happy and lovely(after some reiki treatment :-) ).

The third one is the smallest, and someone says, the cutest. Very lovely and shy.

It would be such a big waste, if we lost these great animals.
It would be nice, if they could stay together, but we are greatful for any help.

Thank You. Dora

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