1 April 2007

Mission Incomplete

It was going to be a nice lazy Sunday until I got the call. Arthur said that a Bouncer at a night club had over heard some Heavies talking about rounding up some rats and killing the as they were encroaching on their sporting territory.

Apparently the Bouncer rushed to the local vet & asked for help in sedation so he could catch the rats himself and save them from certain death.

Word leaked to Arthur and then the world. This was hardly an issue I was going to sit on.

We gathered as many transport cages together and the team met at the rats play area and after hearing about the Bouncer being scared for his future and his job, we were persuaded to retire to a safe distance in case we alarmed the Heavies.

It was hard not to think about the fate of those poor rats but we just had to wait it out.

At 20:30 (Heavy time) we were told that there was a slight reprieve for the poor creatures and we should not get over excited and try not to alert too many folks.

It seems the rats came from a local food source and the Bouncer was going to try to ask the food source folks to care for their dogs and keep them in their own territory.

This was on 1st April but was no April fools joke. However, names and characters have been changed to preserve their innocence.

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