6 April 2007

Another dogs left for dead at the side of the road

Karin gave me this story yesterday, while she was out on the road doing her adoption follow up visits, vaccinations, trouble shooting and covering loose ends as we typically do on a Thursday. (Did I say Thursday, seems like everyday!)

Anyway, Karin had a call from a guy called Paul in Chiang Mai about a dog that had laid in the same spot for some time, after being hit by a motorbike earlier in the day.

The dog was motionless when she saw him and because it appeared there might be a back injury, she took the precaution of laying the dog carefully on an ironing board and then ensuring little or no movement until at the vet clinic.

Sure enough, after Xray, it was confirmed that some vertebrae were dislocated and a course of Neurobian nerve improvement tablets, steroids and Cefelexin were recommended to aid his recovery.

Karin took him back to the shelter and as you can see from the pic, he had finished with the ironing board.

Lets hope after a couple of weeks R&R at the shelter Paul (yes he has a new name!)can find his feet again.

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Kerrio said...

Good Luck Paul - may you have a speedy recovery :)

Kerri & co