8 April 2007

Big our newest Mange case

Well despite me being out of action for a couple of days due to family matters, Karin has pressed on regardless and been tripping to the vets with TvT cases and finding new dogs needing care.

Another dog was dumped at Wat Vivek near Mae Jo this week, Dianne a cute, loveable Beagle. Nothing wrong, no mange, no limp, no wonky eyes or ears, just unwanted!!

Big, as his owners call him, is suffering from Dermodex Mange in a Big way! Yes this poor fella has owners and was spotted wandering the streets by Sven ( Aka the guy who found Wallace too). He is a sad case, so affectionate and gentle. He follows Gill about in the shelter, just wanting to be cuddled and loved. Kh Yom is applying Providene to aid the healing of wounds caused by scratching himself and on a day to day basis is breaking out in new wounds. Hips, ribs and skull bones are prominent but his eyes are just reaching out for attention. He is getting daily medication and will be running around with the others shortly.

I also show a pic of Wallace who is now at the shelter almost 2 months and the difference in him is startling. Today I even got a playful cuddle with him and he let me handle him all over without resisting. What a changed guy this is. I do hope that someone can see him as a friendly companion and adopt him soon.

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