8 April 2007

Bull Terrier abandoned in a cage

Tonight I received a call from a concerned guy, David, from the Doi Saket area of Chiang Mai, as he had found an abandoned caged dog whilst walking his own dog on some waste land.

I met him near the location and this was off the main road, in a piece of scrub / dumped rubbish area, with piles rubble & general trash. Even if someone had given me directions, I would not have found the place.

The dog, a Bull Terrier, was in a blue cage, similar to our transport cages, with the door firmly wired shut. The dog was obviously distressed and I could see there were signs of bleeding around the nose & mouth from desperate attempts to escape his prison cell.

David told me that he had first walked his dog here this morning and had not seen the caged dog. But on the evenings circuit walk he makes twice every day, he heard the cries of this caged dog behind the piles of rubbish.

Growling at any movement towards the cage, I thought it best to cover it and scared for the safety of the dog as well as my own(fingers & thumbs), we wrapped the cage in the tarpaulin I have for the truck which seemed to calm the dog down immediately.

We lifted the cage using bamboo poles back to the truck, like a jungle expedition party.

Once back at the shelter, we opened the door of the cage and offered the frightened creature some water. She stayed in the cage, scared even more by the strange surroundings and the distant noise of the other shelter residents.

Lets hope in the light of day, she can relax enough to come out and find her balance. Why was she dumped? Who could do that to a dog, any dog, let alone a gorgeous Bull Terrier.

On the way home I kept thinking why someone could ump her. Could she have behaviour problems, could she have bitten someone and caused the owner to react this way? Did she have health problems or did someone just get tired of her?

I named her Sherry.


Kyre. said...

You are such a blessing!

Sherry is just gorgeous. I just know she will be thrilled to have met you in no time at all.


Ky and Ko.

Anonymous said...

This to me is the ultimate in cruelty. Abandoning a dog is bad but if it is free it has a chance. Leaving it without hope, food or water in a cage is an evil way to kill an animal.
I rather hope she did bite the person who could do this!