5 April 2007

A new Mange case for treatment

This week is difficult for me as I am having to take a rest from doggy work due to family festivities & commitments. A nephew is going to be a monk and there are loads of family turning up for the celebration and wish him good luck for his future. (He will be a monk for a month)

Anyway, whilst at the railway station in Chiang Mai this morning for the arrival of the 07:15 from Bangkok, I saw this poor suffering creature scratching at every occasion and looking totally wretched.

I had no Ivomec with me and certainly no Frontline either. I will get back there very soon and see he gets my full attention. He looks & acts no older than a year or 18 months at the most.

Lets hope we can help him and make a difference to his life.

The train arrived "on time" an hour late!

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Sven said...

... and also another patient from a rural area outside maejo. let's hope that they both get better soon.

thank's again karin for the quick and
spontaneous help.