3 April 2007

Sad News - Max died today

Readers of last Thursday's diary entry about Max, the temple dog with a growth on his willy and tar like stuff on his back, will be sad to hear that today he died.

Yesterday I took him along for a blood test after having stayed at the shelter a couple of days. His gums were white and he was very lethargic.

Jill has been giving him loads of love at the shelter, cuddling him, stroking him and just being with him. But I am afraid to say his blood results say it all.

Normal Range = ( .. )

Red Blood Cells 8.5 ( 30 – 50 )
White Blood Cells 1,300 ( min. 10,000)
Platelets 3,000 (min. 200’000)
Dr. Piyapong suspects blood parasite and TvT and the treatment of Doxicyclin 100, 1/2 tablet. 2x/day / FBC 1 tablet 2x/day was just not soon enough.
TvT-Treatment could not have been started as long as he was so weak.

He is at peace now bless him.


Karin said...

Poor Max, I wish we would have had more time to care for him. Hope he found his peace now.

Kerrio said...

Farewell beautiful lad.

Kyre. said...

I have a special place in my heart for Shepherds. (Well, and chows, but that's another story.) Max is just a dear. Bless Jill for showing Max such love. He looks a wise old man.