30 December 2006

Meet a visitor at the shelter

Eva visited the shelter today and enjoyed mixing with the dogs and getting to know them a little. She also helped me with a trip to the vet with Fe's pups who are suffering with diarrhoea.

The vet found bacteria in their diarrhoea and under the microscope he showed me minute circular bacteria.

These little pups are 4 weeks old and are getting weak through constant runny poo. One of them is showing a bacteria infection on the skin around the face.

Vet suggested we replace water for drinking with electrolite and prescribed the pink antibiotic 1cc per kg (they are all about 1.5kg)

Eve enjoyed her stay atthe shelter and kindly made a donation on her departure. A very nice girl.

20 December 2006

Scissors came in handy

Today I went to Maejo again with Karin to meet up with a new volunteer Carolyn McCarthy who has started to share the feeding commitment on alternate weeks with Karin.

There were lots of hungry mouths to feed and the pups we saw last week were now weaker and 1 had died. We collected them up, much to the anxiety of the mother to take them back to the shelter. Momo, Tisha & Cinemon would no doubt find a home quickly as they were just so cute & cuddly and if they lived.

( Pic taken 3 weeks later )

Picked up a kitten for someone who wanted to adopt one. Wat Vivek has loads of kittens and any home would be better than their sorry existence here. In the process of 'picking up' got bitten by the ferocious little tiger, leaving nasty gauges in my hand.

On the way out of the area, we stopped to see some fishing like nets, strung across the tops of grassland, with wild birds fluttering for freedom, trapped by their every move. I rushed for my scissors that I now keep in my hand bag, since meeting those folks at the Nimmanhemin Road Arts Fair, and Karin & I cut many birds free and took some away with us to free later in our handbags, as some locals had seen us stop and were becoming interested.

Why? Why? Why? Still don't understand why these folks do this. There is no meat on these little birds. Maybe sell them for pets. Maybe I don't want to know.

Anyway, now I don't just rescue dogs, I am an Animal Activist!!

14 December 2006

BuunLai goes home

Well the guy is finally pulling through and his skin is no longer bleeding every day. His stiches have been removed after the benign tumur was removed and he is looking much fitter than he did when I took him to the shelter, exactly 3 months ago.

Kh Chom, the village hairdresser was there to greet him and BuunLai worked himself into a frenzy, marking all his territory with a pee and a goud ground scuffing along with his characteristic vocals. BuunLai howls like a wolf and makes a groaning sound when stretching his legs or when he is excited.

Today, he is trotting around as if he has a new set of legs, endless energy and a smile from ear to ear.

His dog friends also came to greet him and he was definaely relaxed and happy to be home.

13 December 2006

First trip to Maejo with Karin

Today I joined Karin on her weekly trip to Maejo, to Wat Vivek & Wat Gaset Mai, where she has been visiting weekly to feed and provide treatment facilities for dogs over the last year. In fact I think it could be longer than that.

She introduced me to some of the dogs and showed me how there were packs of dogs who stayed in certain areas, therefore needing to make seperate feeds at those places. She introduced me to some of the characters, friendly, skittish, scared and a variety of post injury or operation cases. They came to us from behind & under buildings, from the forest and many were just hanging around waiting for time to pass.

Karin told me told me that this temple complex seemed to be a regular dumping ground for people to leave their dogs. She told me horror stories about puppies just being left at several weeks old and cars being seen just throwing the dogs out.

When Karin told me there were over 40 at the first temple alone, I was stunned. When we went onto the second temple, there were even more. Apparently about 60 dogs live here and there is thankfully a monk who likes dogs and looks after them, almost like pets to him. Karin brings mixed food along on these trips and also dry food to leave with the monk to feed the dogs during the week.

The volume of dogs here made a big impact on me. It left me feeling quite bitter towards dog owners and although now I realise that I should not generalise, with so many strays on the streets, at our shelter and at so many temples, it is hard to think about the positive side of things. There must be some dog loving folks out there, surely.

Whilst at the complex, we took a couple of the sick looking ones to a vet, one of them belonging to the dog-friendly monk. This dog was suffering from an advanced infection of its anal gland. In a dogs bottom, just inside the vent, there are 2 scent glands that exude smell to their poo for others to recognise. When these become blocked for what ever reason, the dog might be seen dragging their bum along the ground or licking it excessively. For this dog, it was past all that. The gland had erupted through the flesh of the bottom cheek and was remaining infected inside. The wound needed a regular clean and would repair itself.

We looked at 4 cute little pups running around in the dust & leaf litter and playing freely. They were snivelling a bit, their noses quite wet and had a cough too. We had them checked out at the vet and gave the monk some medicine. The mother of these 4 was a wild thing. There was no way we could touch her and to catch her for sterilisation is going to be a nightmare.

Happened across a breeder of Tsitzu's and they had other dogs too. All of them were suffering with mange, mites, fleas & ticks. We gave them some Ivomec and said we would return next week and also gave them a good spray. Is it any wonder that when pups from dog shops / markets look fine at first and then deteriorate and die so quickly with low immunity?

Adopt don't Buy!!
Why Buy when you can Adopt?

10 December 2006

No dogs today

Met a nice couple of people at the shelter who adopted a cute little puppy called Choco that had been dumped at Wat Phaa Ngi.

( Heard from them a week later that the puppy was stolen from their garden 3 days after )

Picked up a cage that a generous lady donated to the shelter. Hurt my shoulder lifting it!! I am getting old.

Collected and returned bundles of washing for the shelter from home. Karin's washing machine has seen better days and will be out of service for a week!

Getting back to a routine after last weeks madness.

7 December 2006

Nimmanhemin Road Arts Fair

1st of December through to 5th, we held a stall to raise funds and awareness. We did it in 2 shifts, many kind people helped us and we were able to raise quite a bit of money through sales of small items and generous folks making donations.

Learned a big lesson. Holidaying foreigners generally do not like to donate and have an opinion 'its not my problem' This was a challenge for us but we kept smiling.

We also met many people with stories to tell about their pest or their own animal welfare activities. In particular there was a couple of Americans who were avid pidgeon rescuers. They explained to me about their activities in Thaepae Gate during their stay in Chiang Mai, with a specially created cotton bag and a small pair of scissors. They said that many pidgeons lose their feet due to a tornequet forming on their legs from rubbish they picked up when they walked, like nylon fishing line etc. They described how they would catch the birds, snip the line and relieve the bird of its shackle. They also told me about the work they do back in the states and I was very impressed. The following day, I put a small pair of scissors in my hand bag, just in case.

Spent most of the next 5 days running to & fro, collecting new stock for the sale or printing up new maps for distribution.

The next sales stand we do, will definately be better than this one. We learned a lot during those 5 days.

5 December 2006

Sua Suay Goes Home

Well its been a few months now and the treatment of Ivomec on Sua Suays skin is having little of no effect. This poor dog has had Mange for so long, he has lost all his hair, his skin has turned black and that say the vets is indicative of long term suffering and maybe no return for the hair.

So today, he returns to his 7-11 home in Huay Kaew Road (Opposite Dunkin Dognuts sp ? pun intended) a few kilos heavier than when he left.

He quickly marked his territory with a load of fresh wee and did a tour of his estate ( The pavement, the shop forecourt and the vendor area where folks get their clothes mended in the street)

He looked happy.

30 November 2006

2 trips today, 24 to the vet

First trip I took along a poodle ( village dog) called TukDik, Mimi, Nina, 2 cats for sterilsation.

I also took Maew, the village leaders cat who had not eaten for 2 days, and vomitted today. Transpired that Maew had a lead pellet in her body that had peirced her intestine 4 times. The vet said it was the first time he had ever done an operation like this, cutting out a section of the intestine & joining up the new ends.

Second trip, took along Coffee with a dew claw problem, Noi for hair loss ?? Mange? & Ya. The tumour is now showing outside of her vulva again. Vet said he would sterilise today and try to pull, what he termed was a prolapse, back in. Unfortunately after the operation, he said he was unsuccessful as her vulva muscles were so weak from the extensive TvT, that when ever he pulled it in, it just popped out again.

(About 4 weeks later, it fianlly went back in of its own accord!)

Also picked up Kaew and a bundle of 6 coughing & sneezing puppies. Turned out these had Distemper and after the diagnosis, I returned them to the village lady who found them and said that we could under no circumstances take them to the shelter for fear of the disease spreading.

Also on this trip I had Nugent & 7 babies who were all suffering with a rash and loss of hair. Turned out that all were suffering from Tick & Flea allergy.A good shower now & again along with some flea & tick treatment would improve their condition

28 November 2006

Money is tight

TvT treatment for each dog per injection costs on average, 380 baht. This gets expensive when you consider the dog will need about 7 injections.

So today I am at a vets practice who has agreed to use Vincristine (Chemotherapy) that we have purchased and only charge us 100 baht each for the services of him injecting it.

The nights are getting cool now, the sun is down by 6pm and today Royla Flora is very busy, so the journey back & forth takes twice as long.

Jack & Chok are with me and they are quite happy for their excursion from the shelter.

23 November 2006

Gina, Lady & Pat return home

After a tragic ordeal at the shelter, both mothers losing all their babies (except for 1 Molly), today Gina, Lady and Pat return to Doi Kam to join the rest of their family and pack.

It was a very rewarding time and the reunion was quite emotional for everyone.

All the pack came to meet the 3 and rubbed noses, bowed in a display of affection and they ran to cover the entire area, demonstrating how much they missed their freedom.

Tested out a new vet

When money is tight and you need to spend it wisely, one tends to think of alternatives and options.

Today Karin, Lyn (Thai speaking volunteer) and I visted a new vet that Lyn had contacted. Oh dear, this is not a good idea. Not only was the whole charade difficult to understand because of the different way this vet worked but it was hard not to prompt them as we had Linda with us and knew already what was really wrong. Still, it was worth doing just for the confirmation that we were with other vets that were better in their approach to both animal & human and operating in the current century.

16 November 2006

Kennel Cough final stages

Took Bubi, Lulu, Baan & Phuky along to see the vet for a test of the cough. They stand on the table, he tickles their throat, they cough or not, he nods. The vet also magically listens to their lungs and decides on the severity, sometimes I feel by looking at the 3rd ceiling tile from the left above the door.

This is such an effort, getting 4 dogs into cages, loading them on the truck, driving 20 kilometres and doing the simplest of thing at the end of it. Wouldn't it be great if we had our own vet at the shelter or we had resources & facilities to do the test, get the result and medicate appropriately without stressing the dogs more and spending money on fuel.

I am moaning for the first time in this diary but feel I need to say the obvious. But having said that, if the vet diagnosed a change to the condition of their lungs, better or worse, its all been worth it.

Anyway, Lulu also needs a scrape around her eye as she is losing hair. Dermodec Mange! Her immunity has been reduced by the Kennel Cough and now this raises its head. Lulu, say thanks to your mother for this one!

10 November 2006

BuunLai won't stop bleeding

BuunLai now has a lump growing on the top of his back and his skin is so brittle that he keeps bleeding. Took him to the vet today and they suggested it be removed today and tested.

Ya gets her 7th TvT Jab today and it seems her external tumour has reduced as much as it ever will, just a little redness around her vulva. Vet said to check in 1 month and then arrange for her to be sterilised.

Mira gets her monthly Xray and shows that her lungs are looking ok. Vet said we need only xray every 6 months now, unless her condition was noticably worse. Looking at her now, she is finally putting on weight and growing up.

7 November 2006

Check up for NuDee

NuDee has a check up today for his TvT. Although Winifred paid for a course of 6, he actually needs another shot today. Bless him, he had it real bad. Gave us the opportunity to give his ears another going over and get some food into him.

So no need to bring him back next week, thats it for NuDee, the vet says he is clear of the tumur.

31 October 2006

Tuesday Morning

This NuDee guy looks positively healthy today. His coat is coming back and his willy no longer hangs low. His 'Queen Anne' feet are a real attraction as his ability to spot & avoid the vitamins tucked in between the other food stuff Nola trys to feed him! Today is jab number 6

27 October 2006


Today Ya gets her 5th injection against her TvT. The growth is reducing externally but its hard to say that its better. There is still growth on the inside.

The village dog Fuk, who has open wounds and what the vet termed as 'soft tissue tumour' and they said that if it were operated on, the wounds would not heal but merely develop more tumour. The vet said that the dog would not recover from this and if it is eating, then at least it has a will to live. I let the owner know and she was obviously upset. Fuk returned to the dark corner of the stone floored kitchen where he spent all his time.

Kh Yom had been treating Fuk at his home, bathing his wounds and in the early stages, bandaging the areas after cleaning.

(About 2 months later Fuk passed away)

24 October 2006

Another jab for NuDee

5th shot today for NuDee. Still some floral tumur on his willy and far from finished yet.

21 October 2006

Wat Doi Kam

Met up with John, one of the other volunteers and we sat in the carpark drinking coffee, listening to Treepies, Laughing Thrush and Barbets, generally watching the dogs and enjoying the fresh and natural jungle environment.

We had gone along to see the dogs and maybe talk with the monk about feeding the dogs using the dry food that John was delivering from Care for Dogs.

Kam would not come within 2 metres of us. John showed me how he would try to encourage Kam to come near him and we schemed how we might catch her. Nets, traps, bait & maybe asking a local vet to come along with a blow dart and catch her that way. We just want to sterilise her before its too late.

I vowed to come here more often and get closer to the Doi Kam Pack and help John to keep these creatures as healthy as possible.

Noticed that Dam was limping. had a bald patch around one eye and his willy had a lump at the base of it, larger than we had seen before. Took him to the vet and found that the eye was due to a fight injury, the limp was not seen at the vets (attention seeking ?) and the lump was because he was because he was excited to see us!!! How embarrassing for us so called doggy experts!still, it gave him a change of scenary for the afternoon!

19 October 2006

Thursday vet trip

Tdoon is still not walking but despite no movement in his back legs, he is dragging himself about and managing to eat, poo & pee ok. He also likes to bury himself in damp sand! Tdoon went to see another vet today and after more Xrays, they found the problem. Fractured right pelvice and vertabra 11 & 12 out of place. Vet recommended Remydil for 2 weeks and Vit B to improve nerve system. He had nerve sensation in his tail and both legs so it was quite possible he would walk again but the vet warned, as with all rear end injuries, there is a high risk of nerve damage which can affect the control of the bladder & bowel.

Duchess has puss coming from her vulva. She was checked for pyometra but it seems she only has a slight infection in her Urethra. She is still suffering from her dripping incontinence and the vet thought the infection came from her not cleaning herself. - Not surprising really, can you imagine licking yourself 24 hours a day to clean yourself. Antibiotics and cleaning routine to continue.

Ya's TvT is now shrinking away dramatially. The tumurs also look smaller on her belly. She is now socialising a bit at the shelter, rather than spending so much time under that pallet. Today she gets her 4th injection and will need another 2.

Brought a village dog called Char to the vet with me today. This scrawny little dog which looks a bit like a long haired datchshund but unfortunately, the reason for the visit, with very little hair on his body. Vet recommended .4cc Ivomec weekly for 4 weeks along with 2cc Cefolexin & half a tab of prenisilone daily. A good shower once a week with medicated shampoo would also improve things.

Mira today needs her lungs checked for fluid. This is the little pup with diaphragmatic hernia. She is still suffering with Kennel Cough and indeed the xray showed there was quiate a build up of moisture in one side of her lungs. Vet prescribed a mild diaretic and changed her antibiotics to see if we could shift this infection. The vet also said that to operate on the hernia, to repair the whole in the diaphram, would cost about 4,500 baht and there was a 50/50 chance of sucess (living) due to the assisted breathing risk. In the meantime she cannot be sterilised because that too would require opening the body cavity and release the vaccume. This dog needs a safe and caring home.

Leena, great news!! Her TvT has receeded and the treatment can now stop. We can sterilise her asap.

17 October 2006

Where would NuDee be without Winifred?

Tuesday mornings are NuDee mornings!! He's a character and a half. Today, Nola and I spent ages searching for him and wondered at one stage if he was ever going to come out from hiding, or wake up !

He is now looking so much better, thanks to Winifred and her kindness of paying for his treatments and for contacting us to help her with transport in the first place.

13 October 2006


Received a call at about 18:00 this evening to tell me there was a dog injured at the side of the road not far from our home. When we eventually found the dog, it was 18:30 but it transpired that this delay was nothing compared to the previous one. The people who called us said they saw the dog hit by a car at 08:00 that same morning. For various reasons, I guess ranging from they thought he was dead through to they couldn't care because what could they do, it took 10 hours for someone to call us.

I located the poor thing laying in a bush next to a shop/house where people were coming & going all day. I took one look at him and felt we communicated. I gave him some water and without moving he licked the water until the bowl was empty. (10 hours!)

He screamed and yelped which nearly tore my heart out, as we moved him into a box to transport him. This guy was in agony.

We went to the small animal hospital in Chiang Mai, which is associated closely with the University and offers a 24 hour emergency facility. They did some Xrays and they said he was in so much pain but could not identify exactly why. (10 hours!) He got some pain killers and anti inflamatory medicine and I took him back to the shelter to let him rest and sleep in a safe environment.

(Photo was taken a few days later)

12 October 2006

Kennel Cough check at shelter

So many KC instances at shelter, so we called the vet to the shelter to test all 43 residents. Transpired that 20 have KC 23 do not have KC.

Not a day I wish to repeat as all the dogs were tresse from being herded around and isolated whilst we routinely checke them all.

The positive of the day for me was that a vet with a new white coat came and experiencd reality.

11 October 2006

2nd trip today

Leena 5th VD jab, mass almost gone, just a fragment remaining. Final injection today but come back next week for check.

Duktik - Kennel cough - here we go. (KC)

Lulu - KC

Fe - KC and on heat. How can this be? She was sterilised back in July. Vet said that there was nothing that could be done but to observe. (Watch this space, she has babies in December!!)

Doxycyclin 100mg 2xday & bromhexin 8mg 1xday

Ya - A very scared female with a very bad case of TvT. This showed as a large red cauliflower protruding from the vulva. She also had serious tumour problems around her teats too, gaping holes and open wounds. 3rd jab today but must be kept away from others as this is still contagious.

(this pic was taken 2 weeks later, under a pallet, where she spent most of her days, hiding and feeling a little safe)

Chogun - A village miniture dog, with a skin condition - negative mange, appears to be fungal infection. Cefelexin 1cc 2xday, vit 2cc 1xday, Hydroxicin 1 tab 2xday & med shampoo weekly.

1st of 2 trips today !!

Nina - Scrape check for mange, she has rash too. Vet said she was sleeping on moist ground and needed to be kept dry. Proved positive for demodex mange, .4cc 1xday and providene on rash.

Bubi ( put that ball down will you!!) Has early stage kennel cough. 4cc cefelexin syrup 2xday .5cc bromhexin 2xday. Separate from others.

Connie - Ditto Bubi.

Benny - Ditto Bubi.

Tommy - Ditto Bubi.

Jimmy - Rescued from near Wat Vivek (Maejo)

Jimmy stands in a bent posture and finds it hard to move. He has no hair and only grease covering his flesh.

Vet diagnosed Seborrhea, use malactic shampoo , already on Cefelexin 500 1xday, Ivomec .5 1xday, Antihistamine 2 tabs per day

(Pic taken after 2 weeks of treatment)

10 October 2006

NuDee knows the drill

Today it was raining and when Nola & I went to pick up NuDee, he stayed out the way, in the dry, trying to avoid ultimate capture. However, we waved a bowl of food in the air that Nola had prepared and he came out from under the parked cars in the carpark.

Nola is now taking Tuk Tuk's to the park often to see him and he does look as if he is putting on weight. Winifred also said she was feeding him, so no wonder !

Slight improvement with the TvT but his ears are a real mess!

4 October 2006

Just another day

Leena, 4th VD jab, getting picked on in the shelter ( not feeling confident) so staying with Karin at her home. increased weight, mass almost gone.

Gina to vet for a blood test, if ok, then we can sterilise her next week. Less dicharge now, continue antibiotic.

Fluffy, blood test of liver, increased his weight, gums looking less yellow and looks now to be suffering from hip displacia.

Gina baby, still weak, use laxatone.

Susy - Shy girl with limp left leg. Appears fracture not healed properly. Increase medication 2xday...

3 October 2006

Nu-Dee 2nd trip

Winifred & I go to Rama IX park to collect Nu-Dee for his weely ear clean, mange treatment, TvT jab and of course, a large portion of Gai Yang (fried chicken). He likes the latter but hates the other stuff. Especially the ear cleaning and puts up a hell of a struggle.

His TvT is showing small signs of recesssion already, even after 1 jab. Today, it doesn't look quite so red & bloody.

For anyone reading about this for the first time, TvT in a male dog is the formation of a floral growth, a bit like cauliflower, on the shaft and base of the penis. If you pull the dogs forskin back, right down to the base ( don't worry it doesn't hurt them) normally you will see just the pink coloured flesh. But in NuDee's case, his has this deep red floral growth on it and when standing on 4 legs, his willy looks large and hanging low.

30 September 2006

Linda - Lyn's first rescue

Linda was laying in the middle of the busy inner ring road near Payap Uni, when Lyn stopped to pick her up. Linda was laying motionless and did not cry in pain when moved.

Lyn took her to a local vet who said that she was suffering with road accident internal injuries and needed to rest. The next day I collected her and took her to the shelter. Today I took her to another vet and found the following.

  1. Slight fever - Cefelexin 5cc 2xday 1 month
  2. Sarcoptic mange - Ivomec .2cc 1xweek x 1xmonth
  3. Tumours on teats - wait
  4. Ulcerations of both eyes - Polyoph 2 drops 3xday
  5. Fungal infections in both ears - Otomax gel 2xday
  6. Severe bruising in the hip and stomache - observe
  7. Teeth that seemed to stick out forwards and too many for the space available- poor thing
Dominique - A small lump on her neck, possibly as a result of a bite or injection. No treatment necessary.

Oliang - Black quiet female with an injured front left paw. Amoxicilin & Ibruprofen together with Rest & Relaxation. I feel for her, she has such sad eyes.

Gina - The rescued pregnant mum from Wat Doi Kam. She has vaginitis and a nasal discharge too. Vet said this poor health condition was possibly why so many of her pups died. A new course of antibiotics.

Gina's baby, weak, diahorea & runny nose. Give pink antibiotic 1cc 2xday & feed every 3 hrs. No more than 15cc per time as this could cause fluid on lungs.

27 September 2006

Hannah - Must find this dog a home

Leena 4th jab, mass reduced in size.

Uwen 5th jab, mass now gone, treatment finished.

Yim, owner had not given any of the medication prescribed 3 weeks ago, packet still sealed. Eyes and ears still the same, in fact eye lids now bleeding. Clean eye and apply 2 drops of Tobrex 3xday. Cefelexin 5cc 2xday. Preniselone 5mg half tab 2xday for 2 weeks. Vit E 400mg 1xday - for eyes!! For the ears, clean and 2 drops Dexeryl 2xday. Take back to shelter until improved.

Lucky, URTI / Kennel Cough , dermatitis possible caused by poor health. Needs separating. Give cefolexin syrup 2cc 2xday.

Hannah. This gentle young girl was hit by a car and lost the use of her back legs. One was amputated, the other extremely weak. She moves around the shelter by running on her front legs and dragging her rear behind her. Its still raining here, the ground is dirty and she is a sorry state.

Ears causing head shaking, stump and back leg are bleeding. Vet recommended 2 drops dexeryl each ear twice a day and a good clean. Stump to be cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide /sterile water 50/50 then flushed with providene/betadine, followed by Solcoseryl gel in the wound and then bandage. Cefolexin 250 grm 2xday 2 weeks

Duchess -
Lovely natured girl with front claws growing excessively long nails. Main problem is that she has suffered nerve damage to her rear end and constantly drips urine or could be classed as incontinent. Therefore her hips are constantly wet from where she lays or sits & drips. Vet recommended Neurobian/Vit B complex for life to improve.

26 September 2006

Rama IX Park with Nola

Met NuDee, a short legged dog with a willy that nearly touched the ground.

TvT – large cauliflower on the base of his penis. 1st Jab today and a course of 6 paid for by Winifred. Also had an ear infection and sarcoptic mange. Winifred wanted to treat the mange gently and used a spray instead of Ivomec.

Nola bought some Gai Yang from the park vendor to reward him for getting in the transport cage. Little monkey, wouldn't eat it until he got back after the treatment.

Kh Chom at Wiang Kum Kam, called to me about Arn, a dog that had been run over in the village. Vet said to keep still and give cefolexin 2xday and pain relief. The screams from him when I lifted him into the car were like a horror movie scream. I was very upset for him.

(Arn disappeared the following week (yeah right!) the owner said he just walked off and never came back.)

21 September 2006

Poor Gina - Down hill from here

Gina + 6 ( 2 died) Nasal and eye discharge and black diahorea , low imunity, low temperatures.
Gina has blood in her vulva still and needs daily cleaning. Has Vaginitis

Fe, in heat, although she had been sterilised in July this year. No treatment, just be aware of males in her area.

Uwen 4th jab. Weight 17.45 kilo size same as last week.

Leena 3rd jab Weight 14.7 kilo. Size reduced from last week.

15 September 2006

A very sad day

BuunLai suffering with blood in poo and green in colour. Vet recommended to change antibiotics for 3 days and then swap back again.

Long, a village dog believed to have chagas. Very weak and now not able to poo by himself, needing to have it squeezed out daily or else it would rot inside. He had a tumour on his testes and wounds on his feet were gangrenous.

After consulting with the owner, it was felt better for Long to be Euthanized.

Keera, a black cocker spaniel with Dry Eye problem, that were full of gunk after a day and also fungal infection in her ears. Schema test on tears proved under 3, should be 15. Must be cleaned every 12 hours and cream applied. This will be a long term treatment, something that will not just clear up & get better.

Lady, recently gave birth to 9 babies and she was not producing milk and appearing lethargic. Vet recommended to give baby food to her to build health.

All babies put on Amoxicillin syrup .1cc and fed every 3 hours

14 September 2006

Meeting friends

Leena 2nd TvT jab, slight weight loss, mass inside still same size.

Uwun 3rd TvT jab 17.5 kilo, mass inside now 1cm, reduced by half.

Phuk, village dog with open wounds that seem not to be healing. Soft tissue tumour and getting worse. On legs from laying down, on belly from wound after jumping fence. Advised to wear collar and continue Augmentine. Flush left side wound with hydrogen peroxide as it is septic.

Mira, puppy rescued from boys playing football with her in Crematorium. Suffered internal injuries to her diaphragm (diaphragmatic hernia) Today is suffering from breathing heavy, signs of cold and vomiting. Respiratory tract infection, separate from others.

Fluffy (skinny black fluffy mess ) Lice eggs on hair, anaemia - yellow gums and skin, sarcoptic mange. Frontline, Ivomec 1xweek, cefolexin & vit b daily. Medicated shower weekly.

Met up with Nola, another volunteer and met Winifred for the first time. Found out that there are in fact 5 different 7-11 stores in Huay Keaw road and Winifred was waiting at the last one!! She wanted to rescue Sua Suay, a hairless black dog who lived in the street near her home. Vet diagnosed advanced sarcoptic mange and suggested 1,000 mg fish oil 400mg Vit E for black dry skin, Ivomectine for at least 2 months .5cc per week and shower with Amitraz. Took him to shelter along with a donation from Winifred.

13 September 2006

My first rescue

Vistited Wiang Kum Kam yesterday and returned today to see a dog I saw laying at the side of the road covered in blood. Found BuunLai and a barber (Kh Chom) who had been feeding him for the past year or so. Took BuunLai to vet and tested positive for Demodec mange. Very little hair on body, very smelly and lots of open wounds and running blood. Returned to shelter.

1cc Ivomec after meal every day and 500 mg cefolexin 2xday.Anti histamine Hydroxyzine HCI
10 mg 2xday. Cover open wounds with NEGASAN to stop flies laying eggs. Shower 1xweek

12 September 2006

Baan Mar kap Maew

Hope & Pat for sterilisation. Dropped them off in the morning, picked thenm up in the evening

8 September 2006

Uwen means Fat in Thai

Uwen, TvT 2nd jab. Put on half kilo 17.8.

Mimi, being kept isolated as worried about distemper still. More anti biotics

Goldie, left cheek abscess squeeze daily and continue with cefolexin 3.5cc 2xday & premisolone anti inflammatory quarter of 5mg tablet 2xday

Leow, village dog of family that recently lost many dogs due to deliberate poisoning. Complete blood count + liver & kidney checked. Disease = Hepatozoonosis from eating ticks with this parasite / problem.

7 September 2006

Thursday vet run

Mimi, weak and no strength, weeping eye. Worried this was Distemper but vet said not. Higher grade antibiotic recommended and vit B.

Hope, given the name after being saved from being sent to the meat market. Swollen nose, worried this might be another case of Chagas but negative. Vet recommended anti-inflammatory. Also to use Banocin, a yellow powder to clog blood and stop flys laying eggs.

Leena, bloody vulva. TvT, 1st jab. Tested positive for sarcoptic for mange. .5cc per day Ivomectin.

Goldie, another daughter of Chiro, with abscess on cheek. Vet recommended flush out with same as Gigi last week.

Char, village dog, received Bevoni jab for chagas last month, now TvT , 1st jab given

5 September 2006

One hot dog

Gulab, fever of 108 !! bathed in ice for 30 mins and given endrofloxocin & pain killer. Seems she could be suffering from an infection after sterilisation last Thursday.

3 September 2006

On a Sunday

Gigi 2 months , daughter of Chiro, bite on left cheek from Mimi.

Flush out with Hydroperoxide 50/50 sterile water solution and Betadine 50/50 sterile water daily. Solcoseryl Jelly to be put inside wound. Shave hair and keep covered. Give cefolexin syrup 3cc 2 x day 1/52

Update on DukTik, lively and bright today, poo normal.

2 September 2006

Recording more info now!

Yim, the scruffy red eyed and very dirty eared Jack Russell look alike, part of Uwuns family from Wiang Dong. The owner said straight away that she could not afford any treatment and was very worried because Uwuns treatment was already going to be his eyes and drops for his ears too. She cleaned them and found the left ear was the real problem. Vet gave me Amoxicillin for a week, 2 tabs twice a day.

Bell, feet inflamed and fungal infection on skin around bottom. Owner wanted to know if she was pregnant. Fungal cream Ketoclonazole recommended for longterm use.

Maroi, another village dog. Left eye developed a red swelling 2 days ago, after rabies jab & bath. Owner was worried and wanted it checked. Vet said that the dog would go blind as this was early signs of Glaucoma and the dog was possibly diabetic too. Ticks removed from ears
(A few days after this, the dog mysteriously went missing and was believed poisoned)

TukDik, cute little black and speckled white puppy suffering with diahorea. Vet gave antibiotic jab and wanted to see again next day

1 September 2006

My second vet trip

Mimi a skinny little girl who had previously had Distemper and had become angry & antagonistic to other dogs following her treatment. Vet said to sedate her and encourage her to socialise. (- Didn't implement the sedation but tried to socialise her more. It worked )

Noi Noi, having her 3rd weekly jab for TvT ( Transmissible Venereal Tumour) and bring along next week for 4th.

Chrissy( daughter of Noi Noi ) hair/skin problem around eye. Negative result for mange, vet said to observe and just treat with providene.

Ouen ( 1st TvT jab ) This is a village dog, from a house in the village near the shelter. She shares her home with another dog called Yim. More of him later.

31 August 2006

First trip to vets for me with shelter dogs

Took Sachi and 2 others ( haven't quite got the hang of recording stuff yet) for sterilisation

One of them needed a stitch to her nose and came fom a temple

I am writing these trips months later and now I know how much I did not understand back then, let alone how or what to do at the right times. I learned on my feet, picking up tricks along the way and soon it all fell into place.