22 March 2007

Adoption follow up visits

Karin & I visited 3 previous adoptions today and we hold these experiences as clear evidence of their value and importance.

Firstly we visited the adoptive home of Mom Maem (adopted last Thursday at 9pm) We were astonished! How different the reality was from the story told to Karin. Maybe there was something about their visit 'under the cover of darkness' ??? Poor Mom Maem came running out from the shack and greeted us so pleased & asking to be taken away. There was broken glass everywhere, paints & other toxic materials just laying around for a doggy to sample at their leisure and no front door on the shack (let alone a ceiling) and beside a busy main road. Where is the garden fence they told Karin about at the interview?

We took him away promptly and it is a relief to know this cute doggy has now gone to a very good home. The people who found him in the first place siad they would take him into their care.

Next up was a visit to the home of Rocky. Adopted by a daughter & son of a wonderful man we were pleased to share some time with. Ralf is an endearing worldly wise gentle man and this we are sure has influenced Rocky reacting & behaving in such a well balanced manner. We gave him his follow up vaccination and a lots of tummy rubs too.

Finally on the adoption front today, we visited TduiNui who had been adopted in January this year. Karin had previously called the adopters and asked if it was ok to visit and they said it was opportune that she called as they did not want TduiNui anymore (siting that she was not happy at their home and not eating) We eventually found the address, after a lot of circling around back streets and ambiguous directions and met TduiNui. She was so pleased to see us and ran around in frantic excitement. There was no second thoughts from the adopters and we left with her in my arms, helping me to steer the car away from her nightmare.

She held herself close to me and I immediately knew she would not return to the shelter of go to any other careless home. I was adopting her on the spot. Karin laughed and I wept a little. (She is getting on fine with my other 3 and is curled up asleep happy near me & the others as I write this)

But...... On the way home to the shelter, we collected another 2 of the former 9 puppy's dumped at Mr Chan Pizza Restaurant on the Canal Road. These 2 were previously taken by 'puppy loving people' but now obviously had become overwhelmed with trying to care for them. These were so skinny and flea ridden. Their ears looked big against their scrawny bodies and when Karin got them home to be with their siblings, it was heart breaking for her to see not only the physical differences of poor health but also the behaviour. These were scared and abused creatures that were lucky to be alive.

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