15 March 2007

Dogs,Dogs & more Dogs

Today Karin & I teamed up again to visit some previous adoptions and take care of some other doggy matters together.

After this mornings vet trip for TvT & Sterilisations (starting out at 09:00), we visited a temple near Hang Dong where there were apparently some serious cases of TvT. None of the dogs were around when we arrived but Karin said she would follow up tomorrow. (She did, there were 3 serious cases of TvT)

Next we did a couple of follow up visits in the village near the shelter.

(Yes that is a dog in a metal bowl for a bed, next to an electricity generator for welding!!)

Aidut was the dog who previously had a problem with blood parasites and this week we are checking if he had been given his medication. Some of it was missing from the bag but about 80% of what should have been given was still there.

He was covered in red dye and the owner said the local authority vet had visited the village, giving sterilisations on the spot for 100baht. Poor Aidut showed the wound to us readily and we saw the stitch, on the scrotum, and noted it was looking unhealthy. The vet had taken the money & run. No meds, no after care. No collar to stop Aidut licking & no bandage covering the wound. Maybe their policy is to reduce numbers by sterilisation.....?! We bandaged the wound & gave him a collar for a few days. He sat in his bed for a diary photo. We hope he doesn't move about too much in his sleep!

Another doggy Bouy, living at the same home as Mee, was also not eating for a while. Turned out he had some pretty nasty gum & teeth infections & would need some antibiotics & maybe an extraction or 2.

Next we headed to Airport Plaza, returning Freeway after her sterilisation last week and gave her vaccinations too along with a few tasty snacks to welcome her home.

We met the very kind lady from the Plaza office who regularly feeds the residents of the car park. One poor guy was having problems walking on a hind leg and another had got thin & not eating. The vet said the leg problem was an old injury to the tibia and there appeared to be some ligament damage in the elbow area. He suggested anti inflammatory tablets to relieve the problem but said there was nothing more that could be done.

He said the problem with the other fella (gingjok) was not obvious but should be observed.

Next we visited a pair of previously adopted puppies and gave them their second vaccinations. They were very playful and were obviously enjoying their freedom in a new home.

We came across this poor fella wearing a big leather muzzle with the price /product lable still on it, exactly infront of the dogs eye view. Looked like Hannibal Lecter. He also had 2 big ding dong clang clang bells on his collar. That all came off, poor guy.

So back to the vet & pick up the sterilisations but enroute, we stopped off to see another serious TvT / Cancer case and took her along with us for a blood check.

We also caught up with some other dog loving people who had 2 Golden Retrievers & 2 Dalmations.

The female Dalmation Tdik, had puss coming from her vulva and it looks like Pyometra. I will take her to be sterilised & clean out the infection on Saturday.

By now its getting late, 20:00 and some folks turned up at the shelter, wanting to adopt. In the darkness ( and the smog of distant burn offs!) these 2 young people met Karin & she introduced her to some dogs and fell in love with Mom Maem and adopted him. I got home at 21:00

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