9 March 2007

JJ Finally goes home

On my way to the shelter after the weekly feed at Doi Kam, Karin called me to say that JJ was on the run again. Today we intended to take him back to his old haunt "The Riverside" in the city and Karin had joked with me only last night that we should maybe get him into a cage, just in case he had thoughts about climbing the fence again.
I arrived at the shelter to see Karin waving tasty morsels in the air, trying to entice JJ into her garden and Kh Yom & Kh Paen standing at the entrance of the shelter (next door) with a bowl of delicious food, for when he wandered in their direction.

We followed him here, and there, frustratingly waiting for him to cross the threshold of either gateway. He is a smart guy, wandering off into near by plantations and then succumbing to the smell of the tasty food ( he had not had brekki yet) After an hour & a half, we finally cornered him in Karins garden and managed to vaccinate him too, before packing him on his way back home.

It was a relief for Kh Yom and he could not resist waving goodbye!

But it seems that he may well be planning his next excursion already ?

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