17 March 2007

Pyometra vs Sterilisation

I make no apologies for showing such gory pictures as I believe it is important to stress the critical life threatening impact of Pyometra. In simple terms, a female dog with infected reproductive organs.

This is Tdik who is an adult Dalmatian. She is living with 3 male dogs and is loved by the family in a small village near my home.

The family have previously arranged through a local vet for Tdik to receive a contraceptive injection. This is a similar story we come across with many poor families that believe that it is ok to give contraception rather than pay out approximately 8 times as much money (but its a one off outlay) for the dog to be sterilised.

Pictured above is the womb of the dog having been removed. The yellow green fluid is what we see dripping from the poor dog, the same liquid that other dogs are then licking directly from her or off the ground where she has sat & its formed a puddle.

Pyometra causes the womb to swell. Normally it should be the size of an adult human finger in thickness. The size in the photo is more like a human forearm. This stage of this infection is termed open pyometra as there is fluid released but when the condition develops, it is termed closed and then the infection pus leaks into the body of the dog and she dies from Peritinitis.

Tdik would certainly have died if she had not been operated on.

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