27 March 2007

Thai Road Signs

I was wheel clamped for parking on the wrong side of the road recently. You will appreciate my confusion but note distinct text difference.
These signs state that you should not park on this side of the road on odd or even days of the month

<- Odd Even ->

For those readers in Thailand who drive, I suggest you learn the differences.

Today I was treated to a wonderful lunch by Mary (of J J Rescue fame) and her friend Chadwick. We talked about dogs, dogs and more dogs. There will be a story here very soon, relating to a dog that may be kept in poor conditions and possibly mistreated..... watch this space!

On the way to Chadwick's Art Studio, Mary pointed out a sign that is rumoured to say "Farangs stay away... or else" or words to that effect. I had my partner translate them and I can assure viewers that 'The Barrel' as it is locally named has a sign saying "No through road" and "Buy, Sell or Deposit Mobile phones for cash".

Now doesn't that sound a lot more friendly.

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