26 March 2007

Monday is Wiang Kum Kam day

Jill came with me to visit the old city complex today.

We first of all went to the front entrance where the buggy rides start and met up with one of the guides there, Jak. He is a dog lover and after chatting with him last week, he has agreed to single out 2 females each week for me to collect and arrange sterilisation. Today he came to me carrying a dog I had never seen before and when he said I dunno, I said to our new volunteer, 'would you mind ?' We named her Jill. Next he brought along Urrr Lurr, a black and white female that I had seen on previous visits and noticed her stiff rear left leg. Today I saw that her right eye looked not so good and I was so happy he had picked her on the first trip. They will go back to the shelter today and be kept away from food & water overnight for their surgery tomorrow. ( See 27/03/2007 posts for pic)

Whilst at the front of WKK, we gave some Ivomec to Sua and Jak (not the guide but another dog that didn't have a name!) and considering this is only the 4th week, Sua's coat is looking much better and Jak is up & about with a bit more vitality.

Next it was a trip into the centre to visit BuunLai, BuunKeow & NongLai. The 3 were sleeping in the shade of the Tamarind trees and after a little persuasion, greeted us with sleepy eyes and enjoyed the chews we gave them. BuunLai enjoyed his Ivomec in some left over currant bread I had put by for them.

I also showed Jill a paradox. Near to these 3 dogs who are lovingly fed by the village barber, is a house with a poodle on a leash. He is about 8 - 10 years old and his teeth are rotten. His gums are in poor condition and he is quite subdued. I told Jill about how 2 weeks ago the owner had asked me if I could help the dog as he wasn't eating. I looked in his moth( the dogs!) and knew at once. How could this poor little pooch endure the suffering of putting more food into its already painful mouth. Apparently they just feed him rice, nothing solid and definitely nothing that he could chew to clean his teeth. Anyway I bought some antibiotics for them (the cost of 3 loaves of bread or the equivalent of 4 litres of diesel). Looking at the dogs teeth this week, the gums have lost the gingivitis but that will return after a few more helpings of mushy rice gets stuck between those already decaying and broken teeth.

Jill & I returned to the shelter and she met some of the residents. I think Jill connected with many at that first meeting.
Bill is getting ready for her trip to the states!


Sven said...

Ally, what's the last sentence about?
Did Bill getting adopted? How great is that... Please keep us posted!

Ally said...

Yes indeed great news for Bill. In January an American tourist(Jackie) spotted Bill at the Elephant Reserve in Langpang. She was very upset about what she saw and had learned about Bill's (or 'Bin' if you are Thai) suffering and wanted to put things right. From the outset, Jackie said she would like to adopt her and get Bill back to the states.

Now after weeks of rest & relaxation and a thorough understanding of Bill's problems, we are trying to finalise the plans for her trip home. We belive we have a flying partner for Bill & now we just await a date.

Rest assured, when Bill goes, I will make a splash of it here.