16 March 2007

Wiang Kum Kam

Here is a little bit of happiness and light.

Took BuunKeow from the shelter back to Wiang Kum Kam, after her sterilisation. She was only meant to stay away for the one day (yesterday) but as we were so late, we took her back to the shelter for the night.

As you can see from the photo, BuunLai is very pleased to see her and I just wish I could have recorded the sounds he made too. He was ecstatic, almost squealing and crying.

Kh Chom, the barber, was also very relieved to see her. He is a little worried that his babies keep disappearing and fears that they will not return. He is such a genuine sweet man. When he speaks, it is always with utmost reverence, when he listens, it is with great intensity and when he is with the dogs, he shows his pleasure and happiness. Here is a guy I would love to give a big cuddle to, especially today.

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