13 March 2007

You can make a difference - Now

Every day I see so many dogs wandering the streets looking for their next meal or just laying in a heap, waiting for a disease that will eventually kill them.

I am one of a few volunteers working on the problem in Chiang Mai ( its the same throughout the whole country but I can only do my bit) for a group http://www.carefordogs.org/ and we try to make a difference to the dogs we deal with.

I record my activity in a diary http://www.allycfd.blogspot.com/ for anyone to read and I hope you will spread the word about the finacial assistance we need.

3$US feeds a dog for 1 month and we have over 50 at our shelter, recieving food, medical attention and above all, love.

Every month we sterilise on average 20 dogs, these cost 20$US each.
You can help this situation by making a donation through our websites and you can pass the info on through email to others.


We also operate an adoption program, finding loving homes for dogs that would otherwise wander the streets and temples, abandoned and lonely.

I know this can be read as "just another begging diatribe" but I am committed to what I do, I can make big differences to these poor creatures and I can physically ensure what we say should happen will actually happen.

Please take a moment to consider the price of a loaf of bread, a drink at a bar, a meal you ate today & the relative cost of caring for one dog. I said it before, I will say it again..3$ per month! Divide that by 28 (4 weeks) thats 0.1 $ per day.

How many meals did you eat today? How many snacks or cans of soft drink did you have today?

You too can make a difference to the life of dogs. I want to help you to do so too.

Please follow the payment links on this page.

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