6 March 2007

JJ Returns!!

Received a call from a local village motorbike repair man to say that he had been feeding a dog that wore a plastic collar and wondered if it was the dog we were looking for.

It was dark already and when we arrived at the location, many folks were either sat at their roadside bars or bouncing their babies on their shoulders after a good feed.

JJ took one look at me and knew there would be trouble and kept moving about. His collar was no longer around his head but dragging on the ground and getting in the way of his legs when he walked.

Once again I mixed a concoction of mackerel and Sedaline and looked at my watch, it was 20:10. JJ licked the plate clean and then set about trying to find a quiet spot to rest up. At 20:15 he was on the run. At 20:25 we thought we had lost him but some guys in a roadside bar had consumed enough of something to let them see in the dark and found him behind some houses. Local dogs were constantly moving him on and after another 30 minutes of ducking & diving, he found a resting place where there were no lights, no dogs, no bars and just a dusty gravel gateway. He could not keep his eyes open but constantly moved his position.

By this time, I had walked & jogged about a kilometer from the car and the man who called me "Kh Nhong" helped me get my car to where I was, keeping a very very close eye on JJ.
He was still not going to give in, he made a final dash through an orchard and then after a lot of running around & tripping over fallen branches ( us, not him!!) he found the ideal place to hide and drop off to sleep. In an underground pipe that allows water to pass from one side of the road to the other.
I crouched on my hands and knees and was banging my head on the roof. It was that tight!

Anyway, he is now back at the shelter ( as I write!!) but who knows if he will stay there long enough to get his stitches out, let alone take on a little more body weight.

Watch this space

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