24 March 2007

Weekly feed at Wat Doi Kam

I went with very low expectations and I was not disappointed.

After finding Oscar trotting up the mountain road towards the temple, about half a kilo away, I slowly drove to the car park and gave him lots of cuddles when we arrived there. I fed him 2 bowls of food, gave him some chews and also a bowl of clean water.

Just when I thought he was the only one I would see today, along came Sonja.

Totally disheartened and feeling angry again, I walked to the temple cooking area with a new large bag of dry food. The freshly opened bag, mentioned in last weeks visit, was completely gone and there was also a lack of evidence of feeding in trays & bowls scattered around at the rear of the monks store & toilets. I left the food in a conspicuous place and without finding any human to talk to about the feeding during the week, I left.

Back in the car park I found Butch lurking in the shadows and also Dam. He was very docile and especially around Oscar. Finally Mare turned up and polished off a couple of bowls of food. The new bumper pack of chocolate flavoured chews were nearly gone on these five. They were ravenous.

After satisfying their hunger I packed up and drove down the mountain and had a wonderful surprise to find Gina. She was skulking behind some trees in the forest and only came down to feed when I got back in the car.
So the 2nd poor creature to victim to the love of all living things, at a place where it is meant to be more respected than anywhere else, is likely to be either Pat, or her Mother, Lady.

I close with more rubbish.

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