9 March 2007

Weekly feed at Wat Doi Kam

Arrived at 08:00 and found Taylor, Gina, Blackie & Pat, half way down the mountain on the road, wandering in & out of the forest. Stopped and fed them but Pat & Blackie didn't come to a bowl.

Continued on up to the temple and found Oscar, Lady, Sonja, Dam, Butch & Sandy. No sign of Mare, let alone her pups.
And today I included a few bones in the cooking of the food. Butch really enjoyed his. Its so wonderful to watch them prioritise their eating. First they will take bones from the bowl, then the meat and after that, anything else thats left.

From the amount of food they ate, their skinny ribs protruding and the fact that the bag of food I took last week is still unopened in the monks kitchen area, it is obvious these poor guys are starving and desperate for food. This explains the pack wandering down the mountain.

The boys the temple has employed to tidy the place up have been continually burning the undergrowth, along with the massive piles of plastic bottles, bags and temple waste. In most parts of the forest / road approach there is no greenery, little to no brown either, just black burnt undergrowth. At the rear of the temple there are still mounds of rubbish so the burning will go on for some time.
Fires are burning along road sides and in forest in this area and throughout Chiang Mai, at night, the mountains have red lines up and across them where the flames continue to burn through the forests. By day, there is a foggy air throughout the region from the smoke.

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