14 March 2007

Donations, Adoptions & Lucky Dogs

Popped into Wiang Kum Kam to pick up NongLai for sterilisation this morning but despite asking Kh Chom to keep her in a transport cage overnight, she was off roaming and eating & drinking stuff. So no vet trip today. Instead, I took her back to the shelter for a vet run tomorrow. BuunLai took it bad. He was very vocal and howled for ages at the back of my truck and I almost let her out again. Still it will only be a day apart, she will be back there tomorrow evening.

Travelled into town to reclaim money from a travel agent that was due to Nola, who volunteered with us last year and is now back in the states. She has asked me to collect the refund, donate some to Wat Jedi Luang, some to Care for Dogs and then send the rest back to her. What a lovely girl she is.

So off to Chedi Luang I go, because I have never been there in all the time I have been here and wondered what existed behind those high walls and caused for her to speak or write about it so much.

Its an awesome looking Chedi and indeed there are loads of doggy's just wandering around.

I was there for 20 minutes. Dur durrrrr! Wheel clamp with a Police ticket on the screen. Silly me, I didn't understand the one sign on the street written in Thai to say that I should not park on this side of the road today. Murphy's law! The other side had loads of space to park but I chose to park in the shade. Anyway, that said goodbye to an hour while I waited for the Traffic Police to come & unlock the wheel clamp. The guy suggested I take a tuk tuk to the station and pay a fee and then return & await for him to revisit and unlock it. I showed him my camera pics and moaned in a very nice way and he took licence and gave me a ticket. Bugger!

Found a coffee shop and drowned my sorrows! A slice of Lemon Meringue helped.

In the afternoon, some folks came to the shelter hoping to adopt a dog. They had seen a picture of Noy, a short legged Rottweiler and wanted to see him. I drove them to Doi Saket, to visit him during his training stay with Nienke of Lucky Dogs fame.

They seemed very interested but want some time to think about it. They want the dog for their parents and want to tell them all about him first. Lets wait & see.

Once again, back at the shelter, some more folks turned up hoping to adopt a dog. These guys brought along 4 big bags of food for the shelter and wanted to see some of the cute little puppies that had previously been dumped at Mr Chan Pizza Restaurant. They also went away to consider their options.

Maybe it was something I had for breakfast.... today was just a disaster!

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