9 March 2007

Friday Vet Run

Taking the trip back to the city with JJ were Mutt, ET, Kachou Daeng & Kam along with her 5 pups.

Mutt had been suffering with parasites in his blood and a chronic liver condition. The effect was that his hair had dropped out in places and lost co-ordination of his legs. Today he is having his blood tested with a result available tomorrow. But already it is clear that his liver has improved as his gums are a natural colour and his hair has grown back. At least we can now take him off his medication.

ET is suffering with a runny nose and conjunctivitis of the cornea, Kerititis, which is also termed corneal ulcer. This problem seems to affect many dogs we have cared for. For humans, having their sight affected is very distressing, imagine what it must be like for a dog, especially one that is living rough on the streets. ET was rescued from Kachou, along with Daeng, as they were seriously in danger of being poisoned.

Kachou Daeng came along for a general check up and proved to be ok.
Kam is doing her best to mother her pups. They are now a month old and the vet warned that the mother's immunity that is passed to them, generally only lasts 1 month. So watch this space but lets hope they all survive. From the photo, I think I now know who fathered the puppy's. Taylor has that loose skin look about his face too!

After lunch (Pad mee hoc kiang, aroy mak!) I picked up Mira, Wallace, Yaa, Duchess and a village dog Aidut.
Mira was bitten yesterday by BuunKeow and her left front ankle is infected and swollen. The vet flushed it out with providene and left the wound open. He gave her an anti inflammatory injection and suggested she take Rimydil too.

Wallace came along for a check on his eyes & a limping back leg. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with his leg but said the eye was an old corneal ulcer which didn't need any treatment. The vet was amazed at the improvement in Wallace since he first saw him, his skin improved and his hair growing back. Poor guy was so scared at the examination that he poo'd and wee'd constantly. I already stunk from Mira's vomit but now I felt I was unclean!

Ya, had previously suffered from TvT but after the tumour subsided, her vulva prolapsed and just lately it seems a little more inflamed. The vet examined her and said that the tumour was not returning, if it was he said, there would be blood.

Next up was Duchess who Kh Yom thought had puss coming from her vulva. It transpires that there is a slight infection of the external skin of the vulva (labia) that would appear to be from constantly being moist and dirty. This would be due to the condition of incontinence she suffers as a result of nervous trauma. We will need to try & clean her more often and then try to keep her dry. The vet suggested baby nappy's/diapers/pampers. (Sorry but wikipedia is fascinating sometimes!)
And finally there was Aidut. He had blood taken for a full blood count, as parasites had previously been busy eating his platelets and his blood was so thin at one stage he had blood running from his nose. We will await the result to see if he needs further treatment. He is more lively this week and apparently according to his owner, back to his old self.

On the way back to the shelter, I pulled off the road to help a dog out of trouble. Some stupid, immature, inhumane and despicable person (a lazy singlet wearing greasy looking guy actually) had tied a plastic toy to the dogs tail.


Sven said...

Wow, Wallace looks much better! What a great improvement...

His buddies at Santisuk Road doing fine as well. They get their medicine and some extra yummies every day ;-)

We hope, Mira's ankle is not seriously injured. Please give her a hug from us.

Sven & Sandra

Life Out East said...

Great work, really nice to hear of someone caring for the dogs here, though I think you'll have a real challenge on your hands.

Regular reports in the press last year of dog eating on the rise in Chiang Mai, any experience of this?

Do you mind if I link to your blog?

Great work!!