12 March 2007

Wiang Kum Kam

Showered BuunLai again today and his skin & hair are looking so much better. He is so playful and affectionate. I really do enjoy my Monday visits to see him. Today NongLai was also very affectionate and she posed especially for a regal photo. (BuunLai & NongLai are an item and spend all their time together)

Whilst there, I gave some Ivomec to him in some sardines and slipped some Sedalin in some sardines to catch another dog called BuunKaow. (Don't ask me why the hair dresser at Wiang Kum Kam has named all the dogs starting with Buun)... (ok ok, Buun is goodness, virtue & merit & the opposite of Barb which means evil & sin ) Anyway, she needs to be sterilised, she is hard to catch and right now, she is available & not hiding under a house. She is now at the shelter awaiting a trip to the vet.

If you are wondering why her mouth looks strange, I can assure you she hasn't been eating coal. There is none at the shelter! I think she has been scared by something like acid or burnt.

I then visited the front area of Wiang Kum Kam and found the poor wretch still tucked away in the stable area, the empty bowl I had put down last week, still in front of him/her and they were still looking so sorry for themselves. I put some more sardines & Ivomec down and I expect to see that bowl in the same place next week too. Saw the other dog Sua (Tiger) stretched out in the sun & gave him the same potion for his mange.

Gave loads of chews away and some dogs were more accepting of me this week. This place is definitely in need of our help to sterilise as many as possible to bring down their numbers. Today just driving through the complex of ruins and around the front entrance, I counted no fewer than 30 dogs.

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