22 March 2007

TvT - Transmissible Veneral Tumour

TvT appears to be rife in Chiang Mai and this morning Karin & I took 6 cases to the vet for injection of Chemotherapy.

We had Daeng, BuunKeow,Nam Pueng,Pauline,BuunKaow and Lai (pics above) for treatment of their tumours and today Daeng gets her 3rd shot after having a rest for 2 weeks as the treatment was affecting her appetite and she had lost weight.

This week though, despite climbing the shelter fence and escaping on 2 occasions this week (both times just resting outside awaiting capture) she has put half a kilo on.

Pauline is afflicted in a strange way. It seems that where he TvT blood had touched her leg so much, a tumour had also devloped on her leg. Today was her second injection and already her tumours are receding. Amazingly, she was in extreme pain from another problem. An ingrowing dew claw, curling back into the root. Maybe after her treatment for TvT is over, we should remove the nail bed to save future problems.

KaowDam was also along today for sterilisation. Her feet are now repairing nicely and after her sterilisation & recovery, will return to Airport Plaza.

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