12 March 2007

Heart worm reaction

Misha had her second set of heart worm injections at the week end and today she is showing signs of lethargy & heavy breathing. The vet said this was a reaction to the medication and she should stay in the hospital for 1 night & be put on a drip asap. The vet also said that the Aspirin she was taking was making her blood too thin and we should stop that immediately.

(Good news is, 2 days later she is her old barking self again!! and no bleeding either.)

Also along today was Mom Maem, the little terrier mix who was recovering from being beaten up on Suthep Road & badly bitten. His skin appears very inflamed and we want to know if it is mange. The test was negative. Under the bright hospital lights I noticed he also had a corneal ulcer scar, the vet said was old and no treatment was necessary. Then I showed the vet his teeth (the dogs teeth!) and his right canine has a thick layer of plaque and the gum is receding with infection. The vet prescribed a course of antibiotics and then review again in a week as to what needs to be done next.

Lastly it was Tally. Her face is showing signs of hair loss and once again we worry if this might be mange. Negative result from the scrape test but the vet advised to treat with Ivomec for 1 month just in case.

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