23 March 2007

Incident at Doi Saket

Today I drove to Chiang Rai on a family matter and when returning, I stopped to see other family at Doi Saket, Magwam Dam. I am very glad that I did.

As I drove along the approach road to the dam, I saw a herd of cattle grazing on the opposite side of the canal bank. It was as I passed that I saw one of the cows reaching just that bit too far, slide head long into the canal. I say canal, its a deep river right now as the authorities are releasing water from the dam for farmers.

The poor cow thrashed around a while, went under, screamed and started to drift down the canal from the unaware herd. I sounded my horn at the shepherd who was away chopping bamboo and after a while of shouting & waving I got his attention. He immediately jumped on his bike and rode off in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, I looked for rope or something to help the poor creature who by now had travelled about 500 meters down stream. I went to a roadside bar and found a songthaew driver coming out, bottle in hand and hardly able to walk a straight line. Then others came out and amazingly found the step and their seats without hitting their heads on the roof in their stupor. They couldn't care less about a farang asking for rope, let alone to save a drowning cow. Thankfully they drove away without adding to the catastrophe and also didn't hit my car, whilst laughing & pointing at the spectacle.

The shepherd returned with rope and he & I managed to at least stop the cow floating down stream further by forming a barrier and lassoing the horns! Yi Haa!!. More family turned up and eventually one braved the water and swam to secure the rope around the cows midriff. We eventually, after many failed attempts, managed to pull the cow up the sloped concrete embankment to safety...... And then the humans.

The shepherd was ecstatic and relieved & I think the cow was too.

Note the absence of brightly painted and visible 'Life Buoy' life saving aides!! Silly me.

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Kyre said...

Your blog is really wonderful. What a terrific story! Thanks for creating an ecstatic cow!!

Ky and Ko