7 March 2007

JJ is still at the shelter but Daeng is not so good

Picked up Freeway at the shelter for sterilisation today, along with BuunKeow & Daeng for their TvT injections. Stopped off in Wiang Dong village to pick up Mee for an ear inspection and Meow ( a cat ) for sterilisation too. (Forgot a travel cage and had to improvise with a zip up bag)

Kh Yom had told me that Daeng had not been eating for 2 days and when I asked the vet if we should suspend the treatment, he agreed and recommended a course of Hepatatonic tablets for a week to improve her liver as the chemotherapy she is having seems to have attacked her liver. The good news is that the tumour is now very much reduced but this has been at the cost of causing her to suffer. She is now so skinny that her ribs are sticking out.

Later in the day I asked Kh Yom to try feeding her with something really tasty & gave him a tin of sardines.

BuunKeow is doing fine, her tumour is much smaller too.

As for Mee's ears, the vet asked if the owner was actually cleaning them every day, as today they looked just as dirty as when we saw them a week ago. When I took him home, I demonstrated to Kh Sunisa how to clean them. I laid him on his side, filled his ear with cleaning fluid & then massaged for a few minutes, letting the solution soften all the crusty dirt within his ear. Then with tissue, cotton wool or similar, wipe out the entire ear until dry and cleaner than when started. As you can imagine, Mee was having none of this, the first time but once he knows its better for him, he settles down to a nice massage. The secret is to let him know you are confident enough to do it & then he relaxes and lets you do it. If he is not sure, then he will object and that is possibly what had previously been happening.

Mee also had his dew claws clipped as they were extremely long and curling round onto the pad. On one pad, he had 2 claws (nails) growing next to each other. After all he is 15 and has seen lots of changes in his time. He has seen floods( he lives next to the river) and he has wondered about trees falling on him ( there are several large trees nearby and some massive stumps left to rot). He has survived plots to poison his mates in the same road and seen young pups come and go, none of them having sense enough to take things easy and slow. He is a wise old timer!

Meow & Freeway had successful sterilisations, both very sleepy on the way home.

And.... Each time I visited the shelter I looked for JJ. Sure enough he is still there. He is sleeping alot today after a hectic week on the run. Kh Yom removed his stitches and he is ready to go home. At lunch time I met with the kind lady who initiated his rescue in the first place and told her about the rescue last night. She handed me 2,000 for the people who found him and she agreed that it would be best to get him back to his home this Friday. At least that way, he might build his strength and confidence on his own turf.

Delivered the reward to Nuang & Nung at their 4 metre x 4 metre cycle repair shop with approximately 10 bikes in various states of repair. Nuang stopped what he was doing and stated that he did not want the money as he did what he did because he loves dogs. Nung said the same and before I left, the pair of them were close to tears as the reward amounted to more than the payments they would receive for the bike repairs. It was an emotional moment for me too and I could not embarrass them further by taking a photo. Later Nuang asked me for a big sticker like I have on my car, he wants to advertise for us.

If this wasn't Thailand, I would have given him a big hug but there we go, this is Thailand!

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