5 March 2007

Its a holiday - But do the dogs know it?

Went to Wiang Kum Kam and met Kh Chom. We showered BuunLai with the medicated shampoo again and he is looking a little better for the last shower he had. Today there was no blood and his skin looks more hairy.

He enjoyed the BBQ pork I brought along and ran around afterwards to show his excitement.

Spotted a few candidates for sterilisation this week.

Visited the front of the Wiang Kum Kam complex, where all the tourists board a pony & trap or a small tractor type coach for a tour of the old city. There I found numerous dogs in various states of deterioration, ranging from hair to eyes missing and far too many young puppies running around from 2 heavily lactating bitches.

Opened a tin of mackerel and fed Ivomec to 2 poor creatures, one of them was hiding in a barn where it seemed to stay out of the way and I sensed almost wished to die.

I will visit these again next week and try to build their health over time.

Drove around the city for an hour looking for JJ and still no sight of him. Posters at Tesco's, Airport Plaza & traffic light junctions have not delivered any sightings either.

Returned to the shelter in the afternoon to meet some folks that wanted to adopt a dog. It was successful with 2 young pups finding new homes.

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