8 March 2007

Very strange events in Chiang Mai!

In the last few days, a local Thai woman of about 68 years of age, approached one of our volunteers at their home and asked them to take 3 puppies from her that had been abandoned.

Teresa, the volunteer, asked the woman to keep the pups at her home but to let Teresa have some pics of the pups so she could make announcements to would be adopters. The woman ummed & arrred about this and after alot of shifty conversations, the woman agreed to have the pups photographed.

Teresa worked hard to find the cuties a home and had people interested in them almost immediately. Teresa contacted the woman who said that the pups were already with a new home. (This is a much shortened version of events!)

Last night, a man called to Teresa to ask if she had seen 3 young pups that he had been feeding every day at his parents home, while they were away in Bangkok for a while. She asked what these pups looked like and he described them. Today, he visited Teresa and saw the pictures she had taken of 3 pups and told him the story.

He immediately set about posting notices around the area hoping for information about lost puppies.

Amazingly, the guy follwed a lead to a renowned Chiang Mai puppy market ( several retail shops huddled together, all selling pups from farms!) and low & behold there were his 3 pups. The shop keeper said he could have the pups for 1,000 baht each. The guy agreed after a while, only if the shopkeeper told him who gave them to him for sale. Sure enough, the circle completed.

(Emotions and personal views removed for ease of reading)

Beware, question your neighbours intensions when they look at your puppy's!

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