7 March 2007

Thank you Bangkok Post & SDR

Last Sunday the well known English language newspaper, Bangkok Post, kindly published an advertisement for Care for Dogs, the stars of the advert, Noy & Jacky looked fine and the text was exactly as we had requested.

However, 3 other hard working dog loving organisations also ran advertisements and all 4 appeared adjacent to each other, in an aesthetically appealing format.

Sadly, Care for Dogs did not advertise the sale of an item of silver jewellery for 400baht, that looked very cute in the advert of Soi Dog Rescue (SDR).

Today, I received the 4th call and Karin also received calls, from folks wishing to purchase the silver item and also interested in the doggy's up for adoption, all in the SDR advert.

Thanks to Bangkok Post & SDR for the additional publicity!

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