27 March 2007

Sterilisation Run

Today got off to a fine start, I had 6 dogs loaded on the back of my truck and then on the road I had a call from Karin asking when I was picking up a new dog called Dam from her home. I thought that Dam was already number 6 I said. Ah!!! It seems that Dam was actually Tracy and Tracy was not for sterilisation today! Well there we go. I need to check their names again when boarding the truck.

Anyway, I had 4 cases for sterilisation today and 2 teenagers for a check on some strange growths. Naiomi has warts on her anus & gums and the vet said we should just let them run their course. She was suffering with something called Pappilloma Virus. He said we should just leave them alone and there was no treatment necessary.

Sarah had what appeared to be a wound to her outer labia and the vet suggested we should bathe the wound with Betadine and give Amoxicillin 250 twice a day for a week.

Of the sterilisations, one of them, named Urrr Lurrr ! comes from Wiang Kum Kam. She has a stiff left back leg from a previous injury and has healed in a straight fixed pose. She cannot use it. The vet suggested no treatment and just to leave it. She also has a cloudy right eye and there is some infection around the eye lid too. The vet said we should use steroid eye drops for the treatment of the corneal ulcer and conjunctivitis. Bless her, she will be in a bad was this week but after staying at the shelter for a while, I am sure her standard of health and quality of life will improve.

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